Our Growing Girls

Just one more night...
Big Girl Panties
Alyssa Nickole at 6 Months
A New Kinda Bathtime!
Alyssa Nickole at 8 Months
A Purple Room...
Alyssa's First Easter
Alyssa Nickole at 9 Months
Keira Faith turns 3
A Whole BirthDay of Fun - Keira's 3rd Birthday
Keira's 3rd Birthday Party
Alyssa Nickole at 11 Months
Dear Alyssa... (1st Birthday Letter)
Celebrating Our One Year Old
Alyssa's Ice Cream Party - 1st Birthday
Living with a Three Year Old
Dear Keira...(4th Birthday Letter)
Keira's 4th Birthday - Tinkerbell Party
Dear Alyssa...(2nd Birthday Letter)
Alyssa's 2nd Birthday - a Hello Kitty Party

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