My Artwork

So I'm a bit behind on posting my artwork, being that I have yet to post a single painting or sign in the last 9 months or more.  Not that I want to use my blog for selling them...anyone who knows where I am in life right now, knows I don't need the extra business at this point in time (I'm behind as it is)...but naturally, I would like to show off all that I have created the past year.  And start staying on top of updating my blog with my artwork.  It's fun to look back on.  And to see how my work has changed.  And improved.  So here's a year's glance of my creations...

My Paintings - Baby/Children

My Paintings - Home Decor

My Paintings - Inspirational

My Paintings - Wedding Props

My Vinyl Creations

Now I plan to update this page regularly with my latest work.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. Hello, my name is Cris. I'm Brazilian. I loved his work. I am an interior designer. Teaches you how to make these pictures? I would greatly appreciate it so. Thanks.