Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here's why I decided to join It Works...

I just want to share a little bit about me and my story.  Why I chose to join It Works, and why I'm so excited to share this with all of you. I'll be honest though, when I was first introduced with this opportunity, I was not at all interested.  In fact, I tried hard to avoid it on a couple of occasions. I had way too much on my plate.  A busy, working mom, and no time to work in a business.  But there was something about the excitement and passion that my enroller (and friend) had about these products and this opportunity that just lingered in the back of my mind.  I was naturally interested in the products, but I simply couldn't afford them.  After continually seeing her posts, and listening to her love for the products and the company, my interest was piqued.  

I tried a wrap.  And it worked.  Really well.  I began to see a vision for sharing these myself.  I had recently began living a healthier, more active lifestyle, and I have always been very passionate about helping people.  Being a somewhat shy introvert, I've never been interested in "selling."  But I changed my mindset to thinking that this was something that I could simply share with my family and friends.  That I could help them reach their health and wellness goals.  And that maybe they too would be interested in joining this company to earn an income and share the products.  So it started to make sense to me.  I could see the potential, and I decided to jump in full force.  And I have absolutely loved every second in this business!  It's exciting, its fun, and it's rewarding in so many ways. I never really believed in multi-level networking companies, or wanted to be a part of one, or really even fully understood them.  I always thought of them as pyramids, but this is not.  We are a team.  I have my mom on my team, my salon, my family, and some amazing friends on my team.  And we help each other.  Together Everyone Achieves More.  And this company is the perfect example of that.

Now, for some things that I love about It Works...

First of all, I just love love love that it is faith-based.  That it is a Christian company.  If I am going to put my faith into a company that could change my future, I want it to be with a company that honors God.  So their faith and their values speak volumes to me.
They also are amazing leaders.  They created three simple steps to success, they reward their distributors and their leaders, they encourage us to be debt-free, and as a company have been debt-free since 2008.  That's HUGE.
Then there's the compensation plan.  To see all the ways we get paid is unbelievable.  The potential is amazing.  There's wrap cash, commission, leadership changing money we're talking here.  People making more money in a month then I could have ever dreamed of making before being introduced to It Works.  And they're real people, not just a couple people at the top.  I just earned a $10,000 bonus in just three months of joining.  I watched one of my very best friends earn the same $10,000 bonus in just over two months of becoming a distributor.  Her enroller just retired her husband in just a year of being with It Works.  Just real people, sharing the products, sharing the opportunity, and having their lives changed because of it.
And then there's the products.  This company would not be where it is today if it were not for the products.  We have a first to market body contouring wrap that tightens, tones, and firms the skin in as little as 45 minutes.  We are famous for that crazy wrap thing.  No one has a product that compares. 
My personal wrap results so far.  See why I'm so excited?!?!
Then there's our skin care line...the Greens...and even a whole nutritional supplement line.  A product for any and everyone.  We have a full line of products that help people achieve their goals.  The products work.  And they're all natural.  So I'm proud to share them.
It Works was founded in 2001.  So we've been established long enough...yet we're still in that growth phase.  So it's the absolute perfect time to join.  It's low risk and high potential.  And in an industry that's only growing.  If you want to use the products, if you want to help people, if you want to make an extra couple hundred dollars a month, or if you want to make life changing money, then think about joining our team.  We will train you and teach you the steps to success.  We are looking for leaders.  People who are motivated, determined, and willing to take a leap of faith.  So that we can mentor you to becoming a leader for yourself.  I took that leap of faith less than 4 months ago, and I am so incredibly grateful that I did.  I have many more personal why's.  Like retiring my husband, being home as a family, not letting our jobs come in the way of our family time, tithing more, giving to those in need, helping others as much as possible, more vacations, more memories, and so much more.  And this will allow us to do all of that.  We can dream again.  And live the life God intended us to live.  Serving whatever purposes He has planned for us. 

What's your why?  What dreams would you love to become a reality?  Do you wish you could be a stay-at-home mom or dad?  Do you want the option to retire one day?  Do you want to simply stop stressing over your finances?  Then think about this opportunity.  If you think this is a right fit for you, if this excites you, then let's get you started today.  We want you on our team!!

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Where do I join?Go to and click "Join"

What does it cost to start?Your business builder kit is $99.  It includes 4 body wraps (which you can sell for $25 each, earning your $100 right back), your first month's website, and some marketing materials.  There are no quotas or contracts. 

What are you waiting for?  

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