Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dear Keira...

Dear Keira,

Five. I don't even know where to begin. Its truly hard to believe you have just turned five years old. That this Fall you start kindergarten. That you become more and more independent with each passing day. That five years ago, I endured a long miserable labor that brought the most beautiful gift into the world. You. Our first born child. Making me a mother. Our hearts changed that day. You became the center of our world. And made us capable of loving more than we ever had before.

You are growing and changing every single day. You are tall and thin. You have the longest, most beautiful golden ringlets. You are sweet and so compassionate. You are introverted and sensitive.  Talking to strangers is not an option. Not even a hi, thank you, or a nod. And despise being the center of attention. We didn't even sing "happy birthday" at your party to avoid the embarrassment it causes you. But you are so full of personality once given the chance to warm up. You giggle, and squeal, and sing, and love to have a good time.

You love the outdoors, running, the playground, fishing, and digging in the dirt.  But are petrified of bugs! You analyze absolutely everything. You don't miss a single detail. And have the most incredible memory.  Just like your Daddy. You are sassy to say the least. You throw that hand up on your hip, roll your eyes, and give us the attitude of a teenager.

You love to snuggle...and always make sure I don't snuggle your sister more than you. You still sneak in our bed every single night. Take over the bed. And steal the covers. But I secretly love the extra snuggle time with you. And will be heart broken the day you stop. You stay up late, refusing to go to bed until I lay with you. And you have you have dessert before you do. Just like your momma ;-).

As sweet and loving as you are, you certainly give us a challenge. Every single day. You are so stubborn and persistent and so incredibly particular. Determined to get your way on everything. Making it an unpleasant time if you don't. But you couldn't be more enjoyable when things are going your way.

You are the absolute best big sister. Although you have your daily fights of pulling hair, pinching, and hitting, Alyssa has your heart. You defend her, console her, and absolutely adore her. And it melts my heart seeing the love you have for her.

If there's such thing as telling you too often how much I love you. How beautiful you are. How you are my best friend. Then I do it. I want to be absolutely sure that you know just how loved you are. I love giving you the look. The look that you know means "I love you" because I get that sweet look right back. And it gives me butterflies. You are so beautiful inside and out. You have a huge, loving, sweet, compassionate heart. And as much as I hate how quickly the time passes, I enjoy each stage. And try to soak it all in.  You are my sweet girl. And will always be my baby. You are my world and more. I love you with my whole heart.

I hope you enjoyed your Frozen party and have a great birthday today!! Happy 5th Birthday Keira!!

Xoxoxox and Snuggles

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