Friday, January 17, 2014

Seeing Me in You

My sweet Keira,

The older you get, the more things that I notice about you. About your personality. Your ways that make you uniquely you. But that also connect you to me. Things I knew about myself, things I didn't know about myself, things I've been self conscious of, and things I've been proud of.  Every day I notice.  Little things you do or say.  Your reactions. Or your lack of.  And I see me.

Some of these things are...

Your determination to get exactly what you want.
Your heart racing when something upsets you.
Your goofiness, your silliness, and your singing and dancing ...when no one but us is watching.
Your obsessiveness over matching, what you want to wear, and how you want to wear your hair.
Your sensitive nature. And getting your feelings hurt.
Your never wanting to be alone. Especially in the dark.
Your love for helping.
Your pouty lip and weepy face when you cry.
Your true love for all things artsy...drawing, painting, creating.
Your dislike and uncomfortableness in being center of attention or in being caught off guard... your blushing cheeks and uncertainty in how to react.
Your finding safety and comfort in our presence.
Your obsession over things you're afraid of, your fears, and paranoia's.
Your love of one on one attention.
Your love for being together as a family. 
Your dislike in being told what to do. And dislike of criticism.
Your sense of compassion and sympathy towards others.
Your pure joy in the simple watching a movie, snow, Christmas lights, jammies, and getting dessert! name just a few. You are such a beautiful little girl.  Inside and out.
And being your Mommy couldn't be more rewarding.  I love you sweet girl!

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