Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Playing Catch Up...2013 in Review

As we start a new year, I thought I would update my little space on the web with pictures from the last year.  Pictures that never made it to the blog.  It's been a busy year and only a few posts made the cut.  So here is a little of our 2013 in review.

We got snow!

Valentine's Day

My sister got married! Congratulations Brandy & Scott!

Baby Dallas was born

Happy Easter!

Keira turned 4 years old

A look at our Spring and Summer...

I went blonde...for a little while


Father's Day


Keira started gymnastics

Alyssa's first dentist appointment

 County Fair

Alyssa turned two years old

We took a "stay-cation"

The girls started preschool...Keira's last year and Alyssa's first year.  Sniff sniff.

The girls got croup.  Alyssa had a little trip to the ER :(


Our beautiful Cinderella

...and precious Minnie Mouse

...who went Trick-or-Treating for the first time

Baby Declan was born


2nd gymnastics ribbon! Go girlfriend!

A dove in her Christmas play

More in love with this guy every day <3

Santa came!

Her shy excitement

Alyssa was still half sleep

Our Christmas Angels

And for a look at our 2013 flipagram "Blessed"...

(click the link below)

That about sums up our year.  Maybe I'll do a better job of keeping up this year. 

Happy 2014!

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