Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Start to Preschool 2013

Tuesday was tough.  Dropping my two sweet little girls off.  Alyssa, for her very first day of preschool.  And Keira, for her last first day of preschool.  It seems like yesterday that Keira was starting her first year.  At two years old.  Screaming and crying at every drop off for over a week.  Causing me many, many tears.  While Alyssa was just a newborn.  And here we are two years later, dropping Alyssa off to that same room, with the same teacher.  (Minus the screaming and crying - I'm not sure she minds us leaving her there to play all day).  And walking Keira to her big girl room.  As a senior of the preschool hall.  Knowing that next year, we'll be waiting at the bus stop with her.  Waiting for a school bus to take her off to kindergarten.

It's tough.  I'm an emotional momma with all firsts and lasts. And everything in between.  These girls are my world.  And more than the separation of dropping them off, is the emotions that I get from the change of it all.  Knowing that they will forever be in school at this point.  Yes, they are just two half days a week right now.  But it's still a change.  I have wanted to be a stay-at-home mom since the second I found out I was pregnant with Keira.  The thought of missing time with them, missing any firsts, and simply waving goodbye to them as I leave for work has always been heartbreaking to me.  And as I think about that now, it's sad to think that even if that wish were granted for me to be home with them full time, it would no longer be the same having them in school part of the week.  I think that is a lot of what is so emotional about this transition.  The fact that my babies are no longer home all day every day.  And that I missed the opportunity to be home with them during those years.  And that truly breaks my heart.

But I have to have faith that it's all for a purpose.  I have to realize that I have been exactly where God wants me to be.  And that I am exactly where God wants me to be.  Because this life is all about Him.  And the journey that He has planned for me.  He has blessed me with a beautiful life and a beautiful family.  And though I want to be home with my girls all day every day.  And I get jealous of every single stay-at-home mom and all the precious time they get with their children.  I am grateful.  For every single moment.  And I just pray for my accepting of all things that I cannot control.  Because He knows best.

Here is a look at their first day...

 Lyssa didn't want to wear her back pack..probably because it's three times her size

 Daddy would never miss the first day of school !

 New classroom!

 Peeking in through the door to make sure my baby girl was okay...

 This happy girl had a great first day!

And even got a good first day report card! =)

Keira had a few tears when it was time to pick up.  Her teacher confused her as all-day child and had told her to get on the rug for nap time.  So when I came to to pick her up, I saw tears running down her face.  She thought I wasn't coming to get her.  Broke my heart.  That was strike 2 for the new teacher.  (the first one being that she threw away her cookies from her lunchable and didn't let her take them home for later).  Let's hope she likes her better today.  


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