Saturday, September 28, 2013

DIY Pumpkin Patch

I spotted some similar pumpkins to these just a couple of weeks ago on Pinterest.  And unlike most of my pins, this one I actually decided to attempt.  And I have to say, I really  love them sitting on my porch!

To give credit where credit is due, I was originally inspired by a pin that led me to this blog, and I somewhat followed her tutorial. But also using my own judgement and ideas along the way.  I'm so thankful Pinterest gives us the opportunity to see all the creativity that others have. And to inspire us.

I have to say, there was a bit more time and work involved in this project than I thought there would be.  But with the beautiful weather we've had, I have thoroughly enjoyed working on them, on my porch, with the kids playing in the yard.  Since I was eager to know how these were made, I thought I would post a simple tutorial on how I created them.

Supplies needed...

-an 8 foot long 4x4
-a small piece of wood to make the sign. Mine measured 4x6. I had it on hand already. Craft stores have a wood section that should have something to work though.
-a square dowel...unsure the name...just look around Home Depot until you find something that would work as a pumpkin stem
-brown cloth stem wire
-1 piece of burlap
-Craft and brown
-Wood glue

 Tools I used...

-Circular saw

(I told you it was a lot of work, thankfully I love working with wood)

Step by step instructions...


1. Even though I have my own saws, I took advantage of the free cuts that Home Depot offers and had them cut my 4x4. For the three pumpkins, I wanted heights of 19inches, 17inches, and 15inches. And they were happy to do those for me. For free. So the first step is done before you even leave the hardware store
2. Now its time to chisel. Wear gloves.  This is a little time consuming. And your neighbors will think you've lost your mind. But its necessary to have the grooves that make them resemble pumpkins. You want to chisel off all the corners. And chisel out 1 or 2 or 3 triangular sections on each edge. Do this for the tops and bottoms of all three pumpkins. Make them all a little different. (for a video tutorial on how to chisel, visit this blog)
3. Now that you have some grooves, it's time for sanding. To smooth out where hunks of wood have been removed. The edges.  And to make it overall smoother.
4. Dust off your saw dust, and do a thick coat of orange paint. Mine were good with just one coat.
5. After they've dried (I think mine sat for a week just from being busy...but I would wait at least a few hours), do your final sanding (on the pumpkins anyway). Sand the heaviest on all the edges. Round out any sharp edges. Sand inside your grooves. And lightly sand the entire pumpkin. Use your judgement on the look you want to have.
6. I'm not sure if its necessary, but I had a clear (non-glossy) sealant spray I lightly sprayed them with. Just to help protect them from the weather.



1.  Take your square dowel thingy, and make 3 cuts. I used my circular saw. But if you have a hand saw, that would work too. I honestly didn't measure. I just eye balled it. Just cut lengths that you want your pumpkin stems to be. They don't have to be all the same.
2. Sand them down. Round out the edges slightly and smooth out the sides.
3. Give them a coat of brown paint.
4. Once they've derived (will only take a few minutes), sand them down again. To match the sanding on the pumpkins. Heavier of he edges. And lightly all over.
 5. Put a little wood glue on the bottom, and stick them to the top of your pumpkins.
6.  Now to decorate the stems, take your piece of burlap and cut three strips, about an inch wide.
7. Fold your strip in half, loop it around your stem, and tie a single knot so you have a little burlap to hang down.
8.  Use your cloth stem wire to wrap around your burlap, tie a single knot, and then curl the remaining wire.

Pumpkin Patch Sign:

1. I happened to have a 4x6 piece of wood that I use for my signs already on hand. You can use whatever size you think. Or have on hand.
2. Sand the edges. Round out the corners some. And smooth the roughness.
3. There's two ways of painting the letters on...I used vinyl as a stencil so I'll share that way first.  Paint your sign ivory.
4. While that's drying, I designed and cut the "pumpkin patch" onto vinyl.
5. Once my paint dried, I applied the vinyl to my ivory sign.
6.  I applied a layer of mod podge on top of the vinyl (just seals the letters on good so that no brown paint can swap under my letters).
7.  Once the mod podge dries, paint the entire sign brown. I did two coats.
8.  Once your paint is dry (I personally always wait until the next day for less chance of it messing up), peel off your vinyl letters. I use tweezers. You should be left with a brown sign and ivory letters.

**if you don't have a cutting machine, you can simply paint your sign brown to begin with, then use a stencil from a craft store to paint the words "pumpkin patch" in ivory paint. Or you could free hand it. **

9. Now you just sand your sign down some. The usual, sand the edges heaviest, and lightly sand the entire sign. (I had orange saw dust left on my sander which slightly turned my letters a dingy orange, so I used a baby wipe -doesnt every momma use baby wipes for everything?- to gently wipe off my letters. And it did the trick perfectly.
10. I decided to drill two holes at the top of my sign to thread my twine through. It worked perfectly.

Putting it all together...

1.  Put your three pumpkins together, align your sign where you want it, and wrap the extra twine that is thread through the sign around all three pumpkins. I wrapped mine about 3 times.
2.  Bring the two ends to the front, tie a knot, and cut the leftover twine off.
3.  I added another piece of wire to my knot because I wanted a few more curlys.
4.  Sit them on your front porch, take lots of pictures, and be proud that you just made those adorable pumpkins!!

Happy Fall!!


  1. great tutorial, if I start now I may have them done by next Halloween!! LOL. Love them!! You havemad talent my dear!!

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