Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Stay-Cation ...Summer 2013

Our normal vacation typically consists of the beach and nothing but the beach.  We all love staying in a house, right on the beach.  Pools, lazy rivers, and entertainment aren't necessary.  Just steps leading to the sand where we can soak up the sun, put our toes in the ocean, play, and take strolls.  But this year, our finances didn't allow us to plan a beach vacation.  In fact, we hadn't planned on taking time off at all.  But just a couple weeks ahead, we decided to take week off.  To just be together.  Do fun things with the kids.  And take it day by day.  Making no definite plans.
A stay-cation.

Never would I have thought that I would enjoy a stay-cation so much.  Years ago, I probably would not have even entertained the idea.  But I was pleasantly surprised at how I could not have possibly enjoyed my week more.  Surely I missed the beach, I missed the sand and the ocean breeze, and everything that goes along with a week at the beach.  But having a week at home with our little family, doing whatever we wanted day to day, was much needed.  We could absorb all of the girls attention.  And fully enjoy every moment with them.

I loved every second of our week...
Spending every waking minute with my three favorite people.
Having my best friend by my side and my children in my presence every second of every day.
Watching the girls find pure joy in the simplest things, like picking up rocks at the park or going through a dark tunnel on the highway.
Hearing Alyssa's sweet little voice when she reacts to things that catch her attention.
Or Keira's excitement as she waits for us to arrive at our next destination.
Singing and dancing and laughing on our car rides.
Sleeping through my alarm.
But knowing it didn't really matter.
Not cooking a single meal.
Going and doing things that we ordinarily wouldn't be able to go do.
And just feeling relaxed. Every. Single. Minute.  Knowing that we had no schedule and no rules.

Granted, every minute isn't exactly joyful when you have a two and four year old...if I'm being a real, honest, momma.  There were fussy moments, temper tantrums, and wet panties from not wanting to stop playing.  Constant unbuckling of car seats on every car ride, at every stop for gas, and only buckling them back (temporarily) because a game was made out of getting buckled before Daddy got back in the car.   There was squabbling and picking and moments we wanted to pull our hair out. Times of not listening and deliberately doing the exact opposite of what we asked. And times when they drove us absolutely crazy.  But that's life with kids.  To be expected.  For the next several years.

Here is a glimpse of our week...

Monday, I had to work but Scott took Keira fishing...


Day One...Pocahontas water park

 Day 2...the Aquarium

 There's one of those fussy moments!!

Day 3...Rainy day at the Movies.  Loved cute!

 Day 4...the Zoo

See our tiny little selves up there??  Not everyday you get to ride an ELEPHANT...

Slightly obsessed with the elephant.

 I always said I would never put my children on a leash...until I had children...

 And that's when the goat bit Alyssa...caught on camera...followed by some screaming

Day 5...Relaxed

and had...

Last, pool, dinner, and the dreadfulness of going back to work.  But feeling blessed for such an AMAZING week!!!

And that sums up our stay-cation for 2013.

(it won't be our last)