Saturday, July 20, 2013

Each Day is a Gift

As I was praying this morning, with my coffee in hand and my sweet Alyssa snuggling right next to me, I kept staring at my sweet girl.  Appreciating the tiny-ness of her perfect features.  Admiring every single thing physically and emotionally about her.  I was thanking God, with all of my heart, for her. And Keira.  And asking Him to help me to forever be grateful for the little things, to forever enjoy and soak up every sweet moment with them.

Distractions are many in our busy lives.  From working, housework, and errands, to Facebook and pinning, and much much more.  And as much as I realize that each moment is precious, it's always too easy to be distracted.  To tell the girls to hold on while I send a text, check my Facebook notifications, or finish a project.  I know those things should wait.  And my children should be my focus.  But my never ending to do list often consumes me.  And managing my time to fit in work, cleaning, laundry, exercise, art, and most importantly time with God and time with my family is always a challenge.  Finding balance is always my prayer.

We should never be too busy to enjoy our most precious gifts.  Our family and our children.  To soak up every precious moment with them.  To watch them.  To engage with them.  To play with them.  To admire them.  And to always make them feel loved.  No matter what.  To make an effort to spend a little more time with them.  Whether it's snuggling with them. Dancing with them.  Playing with them.  Giving them a bath.  Being silly with them.  Listening to their giggles.  Admiring their innocence.  Or simply having conversation with them.  Rushing our moments with them less.  Knowing that moments turn into days.  That days turn into weeks.  Weeks into years.  And if you blink, you're missing out.  Because they are growing right before our eyes.

It's so special to wake up and know that each day is a gift.  A celebration of the beautiful life we have.  A celebration of all of our blessings.  And to try to live it for God's purpose and His will.  And know that everything else will fall right into place.  Perfectly.

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