Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear Alyssa...

Dear Alyssa...

I can't believe it's here.  Your 2nd birthday.  I believe it flew by even faster that your first year, if that's possible.  In a way, it breaks my heart.  That you are already two.  That you're not much of a baby anymore.  That you are a toddler.  A wild, crazy, loving, full of personality but oh so sweet toddler.  As difficult as it is for me to grasp the fact that you are two though, we couldn't enjoy you more.  You light up our world.

As an infant, you couldn't have been more calm and laid back and sweet.  I just knew that would continue into childhood.  That you would be much like me...calm, easy going, quiet and a people pleaser.  But boy did you change this past year.  Going from a baby to a toddler was quite the turn around.  Maybe having Keira as a big sister, influencing your behavior, made for a more outgoing, strong willed, and sassy little girl.  I dare say you might be more headstrong than your sister.  It's at least a tight race.  You know what you want, and you aren't afraid to express it.  You already have an attitude with just your "uh-uh"'s and "no"'s.  You don't tolerate being picked on by Keira.  In fact, you are normally the one doing most of the picking.  If she is doing anything to annoy you, you pinch, bite, twist, and most often pull her hair as hard as you can.  When we hear that extremely high pitched squeal of Keira's, we immediately know that you are the culprit.

But as sassy as you can be, you are overly sensitive to many situations.  You do not handle being corrected by us or a grandparent very well at all.  When you are spoken to, or punished in any way, that pouty lip comes out and then comes the scream, making it extremely difficult not to comfort you.  Even Keira sympathizes with you and always comforts you.  In fact any time you get upset, big sister is always there to hug you, hold your hand, and sing to you.  It's so very sweet.

There are very few real foods that you eat good...meat and veggies are usually tossed in the floor or made into an artistic masterpiece smeared all over your tray.  You love most fruits, except watermelon.  And you're always willing to try that one, but something about the texture makes you scrunch up your face and spit it out.  You love chicken noodle soup, spaghettio's, rice, pasta, macaroni and cheese, basically all unhealthy carbs.  And you love absolutely anything cream, icee pops, lolli pops, apple sauce, pudding, candy, whipped cream, and this list could go on and on.  But regardless of what you eat, you always manage to make a mess of it, making Momma and Daddy fight over who doesn't have to get you out and clean up your disaster.

Pulling off your diaper has been quite entertaining for you lately.  Whether it's in your crib, while you completely undress and yell "bath" when you should be taking your nap or while you're running around the house or even helping me take the dog out, you love to take it off and have been known to use the floor and the front porch as your potty.  Potty training here we come.

You have the sweetest little voice and we love hearing you talk more and more every day.   Hearing you call us Momma and Daddy makes us smile every single time.  You almost always try to repeat anything that we ask you to.  And it's so cute hearing you.

You have always been the best little sleeper.  And still are.  Putting you to bed is so easy (unlike your big sister).  As long as you have your passy, bunny, and blankie, all is good and you enjoy your bedtime.  You love your snuggles when you get up, still with your passy and bunny and blankie in hand.  You love your cartoons and chocolate milk.  And on weekends, you love watching fishing shows snuggled up on the couch with Daddy.  You absolutely love baby dolls.  You enjoy being naked.  You're a barefoot kind of girl when it comes to making you wear your shoes.  But if there are dress up shoes around, or some of Keira's that you can prance around in, you will wear them all day.  You aren't scared of bugs, in fact you enjoy squishing them!  You love music and dancing.  You love playing with my hair.  Or really anyone with enough hair to play with.  (But if I'm there, I'm your preference of course).  You love to snuggle. You love books. You love the playground.  And going down the slide on your belly.   And you love doing any and everything that Keira does.

You can be wild and feisty and oh so stubborn.  But you are the sweetest little girl at the same time.  Having you to love brings so much joy to our lives.  We look forward to our every day with you.  To coming home to you.  To getting all your sweet hugs and kisses.  To getting you up in the mornings and tucking you in at night.  To seeing your beautiful smile.  And to making sure you know how loved you are every chance that we can.  We love you so much it hurts.  We could never express it enough.  But we hope and pray that we can be the absolute best parents that we can be to you.  To teach you what a loving family is.  So one day you will accept nothing less for your own.  To teach you to have a heart for Jesus.  And to focus everything else around those things.  You and Keira are the center of our world.  And we are so incredibly grateful that we have you to fill our lives with such joy.  Thank you for being Alyssa.  For being such a sweet, loving, and full of personality little girl.  We hope you have the best 2nd birthday you could ever imagine!

You are my Sweet Girl...Boo Boo Bear...Sugar Booger...and all the other silly names I love to call you ;)

I love you more than you'll ever know!!


Happy 2nd Birthday Alyssa!

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