Thursday, May 9, 2013

Making Over Our Master Bedroom - After

Finally.  I can reveal our new master bedroom.  It was a process that took a couple of months, but I think it was definitely worth the wait.  I'm so in love with it.  I struggle with photographing rooms, but I did the best I could to capture all that I love about our new room. And probably was a little excessive.  Sorry about that.
I hope you love it as much as I do!

  And remember this before picture??  Ugh.

Here's a little tour of our new room...



(Click here to look at our bedroom before and the plans...I think I actually followed through on all my intentions)

Changes we made...

  • Flooring - Laminate.  Wide planks.  A little rustic.  Not too light.  Not too dark.  LOVE it.
  • All new bedding
    - white sheets - Target
    - gray bedskirt - Target
    - gray quilt - Target
    - comforter - Target - LOVE how it reminds me of my wedding dress ;)
    - gray accent pillows - Target
    - turquoise accent pillows - Amazon
    - turquoise throw blanket - Target
  • White window panels - Target
  • White computer chair - Amazon
  • White starburst mirror - Michaels for like $29.99...a steal
  • Painting over headboard - hand painted by me
  • Sit around accents - combination of Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Kohls, Garden Ridge, Pier One...the turquoise color screams my name every store I enter.  
  • Rug - Garden Ridge for only $99...another steal
  • Gray walls - Glidden "Seal Gray" or is it Grey?  I'm not sure
  • Gallery Wall - post to come, possibly
  • Mirror - already owned, but painted white
  • Vinyl "You have my whole heart..." decal - I designed myself and cut on my Silhouette
  • "Love story" frame - designed and printed on microsoft word, put in a white frame. Easy Peasy. 
  • Printer stand - already owned as a side table, but painted white
  • And I found a new home for all of my craft supplies that had began to over take our bedroom...a coat closet.  Strange.  But it works. 

Well I think that's a good summary of all I did to transform our room.  I'm personally thrilled with it.  I love coming home to it.  And I actually love making my bed...for the first time in my life.  Because I know how beautiful it's going to look when I'm done.  

What do you think??