Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Keira's 4th Birthday - Tinkerbell Party

After debating between her love for Tinkerbell and her love for Hello Kitty, Keira decided she wanted a Tinkerbell party for her 4th birthday...and decided for Alyssa that she should have a Hello Kitty party for her birthday.  We celebrated on her actual birthday this year, served salad, pizza, fruit, and chips, and Keira had a blast the whole evening.  Surrounded by all of her close family and especially having fun with her cousins.  

This idea was definitely taken from Pinterest.  Even though I knew no one would actually eat the pure sugar, it was too adorable for me not to do.  I used my silhouette for designing, printing, and cutting the stars, flags, and the sign.  

I had a family member create this adorable Tinkerbell cake...and it was delish

I made the cupcakes...also inspired by Pinterest.  Using my silhouette, I cut out the purple shapes and the green circles, but after having a hard time finding any sort of Tinkerbell cutout/sticker packs, I ended up buying extra cups from the party supplies and cutting out each individual Tinkerbell.  That was definitely the most time consuming part, but it was cheap.  And I thought they turned out adorable, so it was worth it to me. 

...Also used my silhouette to cut out the green triangles. the purple triangles, the green circles, and the letters. Stick them all together, thread through some ribbon, tie some bows on the end and done.  The Tinkerbell, I used from an extra invitation. (I'm in love with this font too.)
For tutorials on how to make banners on Microsoft Word, click here and here

Our sweet birthday girl!

All the cousins...

Wearing her Tinkerbell shoes...

...and her Tinkerbell wand bracelet.

Loves those boys!

Presents, presents, and more presents...but it took her no time to rip through them all

Lots of clothes and shoes... and clothes and shoes... and more clothes and shoes.  Much needed.

And a Hello Kitty bike from MiMi and Poppie, to ride at their house

Tinkerbell necklace from us...

Even Blake had to check out the new bike

Always nervous and shy when we sing Happy Birthday...just like her Momma

Had to try on lots of new outfits of course...

She had so much fun all night...party success!

Happy 4th Birthday Keira Faith!!