Monday, March 11, 2013

Making Over Our Master Bedroom - Before

I'm a busy mom, working 2 jobs and painting signs on the side.  There has not been much room for blogging in my world lately.  But we're starting to make over our Master bedroom.  And I love a good before and after transformation.  So I plan to blog about it when I find the time.

In the almost five years that we've been married, we have yet to fully decorate our master bedroom.  We have had a couple of pretty bedding sets, but that was about as far as it went.  The paint stayed the same, we lacked wall decor, and we've always had a neutral color pallet, black and white, or brown and white, or tans.  It's never felt complete.  Beautifying our master has just always escaped our priority list.  But I've been wanting to change it up and add a pop of color.  After months and months of searching for the perfect bedroom, I have finally found a few bedding ideas that I love.  That will be serving as my inspiration.  Instead of buying all of the pieces from these expensive stores, I will be buying look-a-likes from more affordable stores, the best that I can.  Making it more complicated, of course, but in hopes that I will love our new room at the end of it all.  I'm so excited to get started.  Until I have it all put together, here is a look at our bedroom before with a few ideas of our plans...

One of our biggest purchases will be laminate flooring.  Not only in our new bedroom but everywhere.  We are replacing all carpet with laminate.  Our carpet is ruined.  With two young kiddos and a dog with lots of psychological issues, our carpet has had it.  There are stains, stains, and more stains.  And the dog has even chewed a couple of areas...all the way through the carpet and the padding.  Needless to say, we must have new floors in here.

The wall color is a creamy, dingy, I can't stand this color on my walls anymore color.  I must change it.

There are some areas of clutter that we can't exactly control.  Maybe we can tidy it up some.  But were lacking space in our home.  So we have to have our desk, computer, printer, all of my craft and painting supplies, and a tree of workout weights that all clutter up our room so very much.  But I'd like to find some ways to disguise some of the clutter.  Maybe buy a new computer chair that doesn't smack you in the face the second you walk in our room like our big, black, very comfy leather one.

We need a change in curtains.  Although the dark brown ones we have make it very nice and dark in here, if by chance, we get to take a nap.  But it's not worth a drab room.  I'm looking for white.  Clean, fresh, white.

Maybe our room isn't all that bad.  But I've been wanting a change for a long time.  I want a fresh, brighter, pretty room to come home to. I know I live in reality.  I know I don't live in Pinterest or in a magazine.  I know my bedroom will house toys and sippy cups, crackers and clothes, and much much more.  I have realistic expectations.  But I would like to make more of an effort to keep my room pretty.  To have a little less clutter and a little more organization.  To make our bed every single morning.  We work hard, I think we deserve that.

Stay tuned for the After photos.  And later, depending on the projects I decide on and the time that I have, I might possibly post some tutorials.

Happy Monday!!

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  1. Amber, I so look forward to how you transform your bedroom! You have a gorgeous sense of style and beauty and I know you're going to make this space spectacular ;-)