Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Living with a 3 Year Old

Keira is three, at the moment, but age four is quickly approaching.  The past few months have had challenges...and laughs.  We have days that are wonderful, where I can't get enough of her snuggles and sweetness...and we have days where we seriously want to pull our hair out!  She is probably the most stubborn, strong-willed little girl on the planet.  Most days, I seriously believe that.  Age three has been quite the phase.  Keira is so unpredictable.  She is determined, strong-willed, rebellious, defiant, extremely particular, notices everything and the list could go on.  It certainly makes life interesting.  Whether this is an age 3 phase common among all children, or all custom to Keira and her personality, I thought it would be fun to take note of some things about her at this stage....

Her peanut butter and jelly sandwich has to have rainbow sprinkles
(it's her favorite meal)

Talks back with way too much attitude, for a 3 year old

Thinks the color "hot pink" is literally hot

Obsessed with shoes is an understatement

She can walk better in heels than I can and cannot understand why I don't wear heels everyday
(she even points out other moms, saying "she is wearing heels")

Manages to get a hold of nail polish and paints her nails on a weekly basis

Is wild and crazy and rough and tough, and will do all she can to not let you know if she is hurt or sick
(unless, of coarse, she is throwing out the excuse that she is sick to avoid eating a meal)

Loves girly things like makeup, nail polish, jewelry, shoes, bubble baths, and hair styling

Has to pick out every single item of her outfit for the day...from hello kitty panties and cupcake socks to hot pink shoes and a purple hair clip

And she might be throwing a fit because...

Her jammies aren't "fuzzy" enough

She doesn't like the way the blow dryer smells

Her pillow isn't soft enough

Her drink is "old" because it's been out of the fridge for a few minutes

There's a hole in the blanket

She lost the sticker that the Target employee just gave her less than 2 minutes ago

She thinks the light pole outside her window is a monster

She wants to hook up her car seat all by herself

She doesn't want to take a nap

She thinks her artwork should be hung all over our walls with glue and stickers

Her sock isn't on right

She is scared of the shadows in her room

She wants to watch cartoons at 3 o'clock in the morning

Her foot is coming out of the blanket

She wants to color on the table or the wall instead of paper

She wanted a different sippy cup

She wants us to actually buy everything that she has secretly piled in the cart at the store

She wants to wear sundresses and flip flops in the winter

Not all of the right stuffed animals are in her bed for bedtime

She wants to set up my coffee pot

She no longer wants a purple room

She wants to wear an outfit just like mine

She has lint in between her toes

She wanted her snack in a baggie instead of a bowl

She wants the company of her sister while going #2

She wanted to turn the light off

She doesn't like the smell of the heat in the car

Her shoes are tied too tight

Her shoes are too loose

Her shoes strings are hanging down too long

She is "tirsty"

She doesn't want to wear her coat in the car seat

She wants the pink plate instead of the orange plate at dinner

She doesn't like the way her toothpaste tastes

She is so hungry that she is going to pee her pants

And I'm sure I missed many more reasons...

But among all of these fit-throwing moments, we do have a very sweet, caring, loving little girl.  She might be the absolute most opinionated little girl on the planet, but her hugs, kisses, and random "I love you" 's melt our heart.  She is exhausting but also such a joy.  You gotta love having a three year old.  How boring would our life be without this child to entertain us and challenge us.  Curious to see what age four will bring...

Here's a glimpse of this child of mine...
 Getting into Momma's makeup

And making over her sister...

 Giving Alyssa's dresser a makeover...with pink nail polish

 Pretending our bed sheet is a wedding dress so she can "look like a princess, like Brandy!"

 Skinny jeans, heals, and a hand bag

Valentine's dinner outfit...Tinkerbell nightgown, jammie pants underneath and cowgirl boots

 I have no words...

Love her more than I could ever explain!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Not a long post here.  Just sharing a few photos of making Valentine cupcakes, Keira's Valentine party at school, and a few randoms...


Just a peek back to last year at Valentine's Day at school...and how much she has changed!! =(

This is the face I get when I ask for a smile...

Making cupcakes...

Too many sprinkles....no such thing

Her out to dinner attire...Tinkerbell night gown, pajama pants underneath, and her cowgirl boots...thankfully we just picked up a pizza!

And my handmade gift to my love...he surely will hold the key to my heart forever!

 Our Valentine's Day was filled with lots of love...and lots of sugar!!  Hope everyone had a great day too!