Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome 2013...and age 26

In saying good-bye to 2012 and the age 25, I have to say that it's been another great year.  I am so thankful for all that has filled my year...

A healthy year for our entire family
A new priority for going to church and benefiting tremendously from that
Becoming a blogger, in my "free" time
A love for painting and a desire to create
Becoming addicted to Christian radio
An engagement for my sister, her happiness, and her move back to our side of town
A family beach vacation
A 3rd birthday for Keira
A 1st birthday for Alyssa
A new family car
Joining a small group
A marriage that gets stronger by the day
Finding pure joy in everyday moments
 The happiness that our family and time together brings us
And many many more things that filled our hearts with joy this past year...

This was just a tiny glimpse of what my year meant to me.  I am thankful for every day.  I know it all happens for a reason.  I'm looking forward to what God has planned for me and my family in his upcoming year.  Although getting in shape, finances, and success are all attractive resolutions, I know that putting God first is my ultimate resolution. Not only at the beginning of a new year but every day.  Putting God first is what will allow the rest to fall into place.  And although I have grown in my faith this past year, I still have so much growing to do.  And I'm looking forward to it!  Welcome 2013.  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas was wonderful! And having two sweet, precious little girls to share it with brings all the more joy to our hearts!  We thoroughly enjoyed the entire Christmas season. It was filled with...

...singing Christmas songs almost every waking hour
...Keira's first Christmas program at school
...lots of Christmas cookies
...very little Christmas shopping
...lots of musical Christmas toys that Alyssa especially loves dancing to
...a pretty bare bottom half of a Christmas tree because those sparkly ornaments are just too enticing for a one year old little girl to ignore ornament-crowded middle of a Christmas tree because a three year old just can't resist rearranging them, the way she likes
...lots of going to look at Christmas lights and never getting tired of seeing the excitement on our girls faces
...visiting Santa's lap for one expensive picture
...lots of Christmas movies
...learning that Alyssa loves candy canes
...Keira's obsession with the Grinch
...nick-naming Keira "Cindy Woo Who"...which in turn gave her the idea to nick-name her Daddy "Tinkerbell"
...eating chocolate from the advent calendars but forgetting some nights resulting in very hyper little girls when they made up for the multiple nights they missed all at once
 ...looking for our first Elf on the Shelf, Ellie, every morning...wishing Keira cared that her little Elf was watching her every move, yet knowing she is too smart to actually believe that Santa wouldn't bring her presents if she didn't behave.

....but among all the Santa Claus excitement, cookies, Christmas lights and gifts,
...and as fun as it to engage in this magical holiday season,

  Our Christmas season was centered around Christ
...the very reason for the season.

Here's a look at our holiday season...

Christmas Eve...

A visit from Santa...

Alyssa's trampoline

Keira's big gift...the Barbie Dream House...even I like playing with this one!

A 4 wheeler from Nana!

She got the hang of it real quick!  Just needs to learn how to turn...

Christmas at MiMi's...

Tanner is back around...

I was blessed to receive so many great gifts this Christmas...clothes, a bracelet, wallet, money, gift cards, perfume, a 5 piece power tool set, and a Samsung Galaxy tablet!  I was and am so excited about my gifts!  I've loved playing on my tablet, that was such a surprise!  And I can't wait to break into my power tools for my upcoming projects.  I received so much more than I deserve.  But honestly the best gift of all is my family, the opportunity to spend Christmas with them, and all the love we share each and every day of the year.  So blessed!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!