Sunday, December 9, 2012

Life Lately

December is already here.  It's hard to believe there are only 16 days until Christmas!  Lots to do this month and not a lot of time left to do it.  So here is a quick update on our family and our life lately...

We wrapped up Fall, letting the girls play in the leaves.  They were definitely hesitant to jump in the huge pile at first but after watching Momma and Cooper, they gave it a try...

Flower picked by Daddy 

My sleepy girl.  So blessed that I get to wake up to this face every day. And get aaallll her snuggles!

Keira has had many encounters with my nail polish lately.  No matter where I hide it, she seems to find it, sneaks off to paint, and then comes showing them off to me.  (But they're actually not too bad for a 3 year old...proud)

We don't shop at Food Lion often, but when we do, this car is a must...I so wish they had these at Wal-Mart!!

It's Christmas time at our house...our tree is up and decorated, the stockings are hung, and we're waiting for Santa to put presents under our tree.  We're singing Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies, baking Christmas cookies, riding around looking at Christmas lights...and the list could go on.  We definitely have Christmas spirit.  And I am loving it!

Meet Ellie, our family Elf...watching Keira and Alyssa and telling Santa all about their behavior.  I wish Keira  only cared that there was Elf watching her every move.  And that she believed that if she misbehaved Santa might not bring her presents...but she is far too smart for that.

(Evidence of nail polish on her face)

We are sooo excited for Christmas!  It's really such a fun year for Keira.  I love this magical time of believing, and I can't wait to leave Santa cookies and milk and reindeer food, and to see their faces light up when Santa leaves their presents under the tree.  But we also know the true meaning of Christmas, and we really work hard to make the girls understand that this celebration is really all about the birth of Jesus.  For every time we talk about Santa bringing presents, we talk about Jesus' Birthday.  So on Christmas morning, not only will we be opening presents, and believing in the magic of Santa, but more importantly we will be singing 
Happy Birthday to Jesus!!

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