Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life Lately

Life has been a little busy lately...the reason for my lack of presence in the blogging world.  I feel like I have a million and one things going on and to get on here to update just hasn't made it on my top priority list.  But I'm here to catch up, so here's a glimpse of our life lately...

I got a new haircut!

Created for Nancy...Actually I just bought the word from A.C.Moore, painted it, distressed it a tad, made the flower with my cricut (the one and only time I've ever used it) which could easily be done with scissors for this particular flower, and added the pearly thing in the center.  Cute and simple gift idea.

Keira got a haircut by MiMi

We made pumpkin sugar cookies....and of coarse Alyssa is trying to sneak one before they are even cooked, she actually did sneak a bite in

My poor girls went through a good week or two of being very sick.  Fevers.  Sleepy.  Runny nose and coughing.  It was heart-breaking.  And on top of that, poor Alyssa was cutting all four molars.  So she was extra fussy and extra clingy.  These next few pictures show a glimpse of how exhausted they were...

These adorable hats we tried on in the store, just goofing off.  I'm always tempted to try hats on them for some reason.  But after sending the pictures of them, MiMi actually went and bought them...and I'm so glad because they are just so darn cute!

Now there's a glimpse of Keira's personality!

Had to document how "sweet" this was to wake up to...

Carved by Grampy

Like my Halloween shirt?

She insisted on wearing her Tinkerbell shoes to school the day after Halloween, and I let her.  How could I resist that pretty face.  However, she no longer can because she pulled off the pom-poms on her way home from school when she got in trouble for hitting a boy in her class...because she "just wanted to play with the Rescue Super Heros"  She is a bully already.

(I will be hot gluing more pom-poms on at some point, too cute not to get some use out of them)

And our happy girl is finally back to herself!

Alyssa has found it necessary to walk around the house in a helmet lately

This past weekend, we had beautiful November.  So we went to Keira's absolute favorite place, took Nana and Blake, and enjoyed the weather.




Oh and thank you MiMi and Nana who always supply our three year old with her own lip gloss....she loves it

If there's anything else that went on in our little lives that I don't have pictures of, then I simply ca't remember.  My brain is pretty full right now.  But I'm so looking forward to the Holidays.  I just love this time of year!

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