Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween...Tinkerbell and a Cupcake

I barely feel like there was a Halloween this year.  Usually, it's about a week long event.  Keira gets dressed up for her Fall party at school, we dress them up for all the grandparents and make our rounds for visits with each of them, usually go to dinner before or after that, and then dress them up for actual Halloween so that we can enjoy them too.  But the day of the fall party at school, Keira was sick.  So she had to miss going to school in her costume.  And the weekend before, the kids were still sick, and we were anticipating we didn't dress them up for the grandparents either.  So instead of spreading everything out this year, we just dressed them up on Halloween, and invited all of the grandparents to the Trunk or Treat at Keira's school.  It was cold, and they still weren't feeling well, so it turned out to be not quite so fun for them.  And a little overwhelming having everyone there (Keira is actually shy, believe it or not).  But they looked adorable, and they got plenty of candy.  Alyssa was not in the mood for a bunch of pictures so it was hard to capture her adorable-ness, but Keira was actually pretty good with all the paparazzi.  Although pictures never show how cute they truly looked, we had the most beautiful Tinkerbell and the sweetest little cupcake.  Here is a little proof...

Notice the green fingernails =)

Keira's favorite part of the costume...the shoes

Tinkerbell bun!

Isn't she just so beautiful ?!?

I have to admit, the hat looked kind of goofy...and she somewhat resembled an oompa loompa...but she was still so adorable.  And she surprisingly kept the hat on all night!

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