Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life Lately...

Since it's been about a month, I have a lot of catching up to do.  Here's a glimpse of our life lately...

Fall is here!!  Although I love the change in seasons.  I love the beautiful colors.  The changing leaves.  The acorns. The pumpkins.  Football.  Hot chocolate.  Sweatshirts.  Coffee.  And so much more.  It also saddens me a little.  To think that my children are that much older.  The seasons are changing so very fast.  And as I sort through their clothes to prepare for chilly weather and rid their drawers of summer clothes, I realize that each of them will never wear those tiny little sun dresses, tank tops, and sandals again.  But that next year, they will be a whole size bigger.  And I love watching them grow and change.  But it does sadden me a little.  I wish time would slow down just a little bit.

The girls have loved collecting acorns this year.

Drinking her hot chocolate.

Last month we celebrated my hunni's birthday!  I normally do an entire post on birthdays, and I feel horrible for not doing so for my own husband.  But it's been hectic.  And I really didn't take pictures.  Instead we just enjoyed our family time.  And thoroughly enjoyed listening to Keira sing her Daddy Happy Birthday all day long!  I am so thankful that God has blessed Scott with another year.  And I pray for many many many more.

Lyssa definitely enjoyed the cupcakes

And Keira sweetly sang Happy Birthday to her Daddy.


We finally decided that it was time to put Cooper on anxiety medicine.  He was due to go for shots, and after talking with the vet, he agreed that we should try him on Prozac.  Although we still don't have a perfect dog, by any stretch of the imagination, he has improved in many areas.  And we're hoping he will continue to get better on the others.  And he definitely enjoys those peanut butter sandwiches every morning!

I have officially stepped out of my comfort joining a small group.  For a couple of years, I have felt pulled to be involved a little more than just going to church on Sunday mornings.  Of coarse, throughout the past few years, we have not been 100% committed to even Sunday mornings.  But the past several months has been different.  As a family, we made up our minds that attending church was much too important to be missing that regularly.  So we committed ourselves.  And it has made a huge difference in our lives.  I believe that since I was open to joining a group, to become more involved, and grow even more as a Christian, that God used a couple of people (two clients at my work) to introduce me to the mommy small groups that were forming this fall in a comfortable setting for me.  I have a lot of anxiety, especially in group settings.  Socializing is not my forte.  In fact, most of the time I feel socially awkward whether it appears that way to others or not.  There's an uncomfortableness that I usually have when talking with others.  So to join a group of women that I have never met in my life, to talk and socialize with them, and read in front of huge for me.  It's very uncomfortable and overwhelming and causes much anxiety.  But it's something that I've wanted to do for a while.  I believe that God led me to do this.  And I know that He will help me through it.  And if I can give it a few weeks, get to know these lovely ladies, open up to them and allow them to get to know me, I believe we can create some great relationships where we all share the same faith and can all help each other in our growing relationships with Christ.

Gifts from our leader at our first meeting...adorable

Keira lately...

-has been hiding everywhere.  She hides so well sometimes that you find yourself panicking for a minute, not knowing where she is.  But I think we have all learned where most of her hiding spots are now.
-has been talking back a bit.  Saying "no" and "yes I am" etc.
-got in trouble at school last week for not listening, for not keeping her hands to herself, and for trying to stand on her head during carpet time.  I wasn't surprised.
-has been asking lots of questions...What day is it?  What time is it?  Where is a clock?  Who is watching me today?  Why?  Where are we going?  What are we doing?
-has been doing "the robot" dance a lot.  I would video but it's usually done when getting out of the bath for some reason.
-is always making us laugh with some of the random things she says and does.

Alyssa lately...

-has been mocking us a lot.  Mostly big sister.  Trying to do everything she does.  Including coughing.
-has shown quite the reaction to caffeine.  She doesn't typically get caffeine, but at restaurants, when I order Diet Coke, they always want some of mine.  She sucks down as much as she can, getting herself choked because she doesn't check up long enough to take a breath.  But then by the time we're in the car, that caffeine hits her and she is a trip.
-has been showing us more and more personality.  She is goofy and funny.  And loves to see our reactions.
-has been trying to hide with Keira.  One night, Scott was looking around for them, they had both crawled behind the futon, had our huge tub of cheese balls, and were both going to town eating them...and gave their Daddy a smile when he found them.  Double trouble.
-now folds her hands so cutely when we say the blessing at dinner.  It is so sweet and melts my heart.

Scott came up with this great idea to do a fishing tournament fundraiser on October 13 to raise money for Fred.  I've requested prayers for Fred in many previous posts, but to give you a little background...Dorothy is a co-worker and friend of mine.  Her husband, Fred, has been battling cancer for over three years.  It is now stage four liver cancer.  He just had a very serious surgery that he had to travel out of state for, to remove the tumor on his liver.  He is recovering now, and still waiting on biopsy results.  They need lots and lots of prayer.  We are raising money to help them with their ongoing medical bills, travel expenses, time off of work, etc.  This family has been through so much these psst three years, and we want the community to come together to help support them.  And for those who don't care to fish the tournament, we are accepting donations anyways!  Please contact me if you are interested in fishing or donating!  Thank you!!!

Heading to school!

She loves her Grampy!

Still loving her ice cream!

Fun at the mall...

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