Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Front Porch Looking In...

I think that we live a pretty normal life.  And sometimes, often times, it's easy to get caught up in the stressful parts of life, our hectic schedules, and the chaos that comes with it.  But sometimes I think it's important to just sit back and try to look at your life from an outsiders perspective.  Look at what other's may see about you and your family and your life.  To notice all of the great things.  The positive.  To laugh about the things that may normally stress you out in the moment.  I often find myself doing this.  It's natural to get stressed and overwhelmed.  I'm a pro at that.  But if I just sit back for a minute, take a breather, and realize what is most important then things go over more smoothly.  So today, I thought it would be fun to share about our family.  Because no one leads a perfect life, and sometimes its a relief to read about others and how well you can relate.  We don't sit around all day and make crafts or pose for perfect pictures.  There certainly is more to our life than what is in my blog.  So here's a look at our front porch looking in...

In the mornings you might find...
two little girls snuggling with their momma,
their Daddy sneaking into their rooms while they stay asleep to kiss them goodbye before he heads to work,
a hound dog that takes up the whole bed and gets to sleep in longer than anyone,
Keira watching cartoons, eating blueberry muffins, and drinking chocolate milk,
four unmade beds,
a rushed momma just trying to get ready,
but dreading the moment she has to walk out the door.

Around our house you might find...
dishes in the sink,
clean unfolded laundry piled in baskets,
a dining room table covered with paint and crafts and a camera,
sippy cups in every room,
crayons out of their boxes,
and toys covering the floor.

You might find Keira...
naked, possibly with shoes on,
coloring and painting and making a disaster of play doh,
playing in the sink and overflowing the counter with water,
riding her bike in circles through every room of the house,
randomly brushing her teeth,
playing "grocery store" with every real food item out of our cabinets,
torturing  playing with the dog,
or brushing and flat ironing my hair.

You might find Alyssa...
walking and stumbling all over the house,
getting into things she shouldn't,
laughing at her big sister,
climbing on anything she can,
putting anything and everything in her mouth,
or pulling every single DVD out of our TV stand.

You might hear...
Alyssa giggling,
or crying,
Keira squealing,
or laughing,
Cooper barking,
lots of singing,
and at least one temper tantrum.

In the evenings you might find us...
laughing over the dinner that I burnt,
singing and dancing as we're doing dishes,
getting our "family hugs",
playing in the yard and going for walks.

Before bed you might find us...
getting the girls their baths,
chasing Keira as she tries to get away with no jammies,
watching TV and snuggling on the sofa {taking up just two cushions of our large sectional},
all of us eating ice cream straight out of the carton,
reading bible stories and saying our prayers,
putting Alyssa to bed awake,
 but still having to lay with Keira until her eyes are finally closed.
 And still climbing into our bed most nights.

And in our home, you will always find a family that...
 loves each other more than anything else on earth,
that tells each other "I love you,"
that enjoys the quality time they have together,
that tries to glorify God but has a long way to go,
that tries to teach their children to have a heart for Him,
and that tries their best to be grateful for all of their blessings.

Life is not always perfect.  But it is beautiful.  Enjoy it!

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