Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life Lately

Going on four weeks without a a family update post, I'm not sure I can fill in everything going on in our busy little lives.  But I'll do my best...

-Very importantly, Alyssa's blood work came back great!  In case you didn't realize what was going on with her, her white blood count had been pretty high since checking it a couple of times since her first birthday in July.  Then with the third check, all of her levels were going back to a normal level.  Had us a little worried there.  But God was comforting me for sure.  So thankful that she is healthy!

Snuggling her teddy bear before her last blood check.

Keira waiting for Alyssa's appointment...

-Also, very important...ALYSSA IS WALKING!  Still stumbling some, still crawling a tad, but overall this girl can walk.  She loves walking and is being held less and less.  I don't really even have any pictures of her walking, all videos, but it's just precious.  She gets so proud of herself, she is all smiles, and sometimes that messes up her balance but she never gives up.  Just within the past two to three days is a huge improvement.  We are so proud.  Definitely time for some new shoes!

-Especially with her walking more, she is into and onto everything.  She can climb and isn't scared of it.  We find her standing on top of toys that certainly aren't meant to be stood on, and chairs and tables.  But she is determined.  As soon as we correct her, make her get down, and turn our heads, she is trying again.

-She has also been throwing quite the dramatic fits lately.  To say the least. You tell her No, and she screams and cries, puts her hands on the floor, and throws her head down onto if it's the worst thing in the world.  We just laugh at her.

-Keira is still loving school.  Her favorite part of her day is always the playground.  And painting.

-Last week, I was getting ready for work, Keira climbed in our bed and said...
 "Momma come lay with me", I asked her to wait a minute since I was getting ready,  She said "Come snuggle with me"  I asked her to please hold on..  "Just one snuggle Momma?"  Absolutely.  I love her sweet morning snuggles.  And I didn't want to forget such a sweet question.

-We've been spending quite a bit of time outside with this beautiful weather!!


-This girl is still loving to eat.  She usually eats snacks before dinner comes, all of her meal, and part of Keira's.  {Here she was eating the rest of Mason's spaghetti, one of her favorites}

-One of our beautiful evenings by the lake...

About to order her "quesadiller" {as Poppie calls it}

She has such a cute little personality!

Ice cream is a nightly event at our house.  For sure.

Poor in a house with 3 girls means wearing a purse on occasion.

Not sure what he was doing here.  Maybe hiding from the girls??

Meet Meeka...our neighborhood dog.  Cooper's girlfriend.  She is such a sweetheart.  She usually comes out for some attention, a belly rub, then tags along on our walks.  We adore her.

Bubble bath!

-We sold my Honda!  I've had that car since I was 17.  Kind of hard to part from it.  Lots of memories.  But we sold it within the family, so I still get to see it most days.

-The evidence we found to inform us that Keira cut a little chunk of her hair.  This was a first for her.  I knew it would happen at some point.  But thankfully, it's not noticeable.  

-Our Labor Day was a bit rainy, but we made the best of it.  Children's Museum.  Movies.  Family time.  {More pictures still to come}

-This was the girls very first movie!  Ice Age.  It went pretty well.  Better than expected.  We were sure that Alyssa was nice and sleepy, brought her stroller, blankie, and bunny, and by the time the previews were over, she was asleep.  Snuggled up in her stroller.  But the nap didn't last quite long enough and she got pretty fidgety, making the end of the movie pretty miserable for us.  Keira did good.  She was annoyed that she wasn't heavy enough to keep the bottom of the seat down and the back of the seat reclined back.  She felt like the chair was closing on her.  So poor Scott held them down for her the entire movie.  She got restless towards the end of the movie.  But that was expected. She is three.  And thankfully we had plenty of snacks for the both of them.  It was fun.

Children's museum

-In other news, my little brother got married yesterday!  Congratulations Corey and Jeanette!  And welcome to our family Jeanette!

Life is good.  We are so happy with our life and look forward to everyday.  We have been truly blessed, and I am so grateful.  Happy weekend everyone.  Make every moment count!

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