Thursday, September 20, 2012

For the Love of Art...

As most of you know already, art is pretty much my outlet.  My time for me.  To relax.  To unwind.  It's therapeutic for me and I thoroughly enjoy it.  Whether it's painting a canvas, a wood sign, decorating a cake, making a banner, or creating something for no real purpose, I love it.  And over the past three weeks, I have spent so much of my "free time" {aka nap time} doing this.  I hope to one day move forward with my art and maybe start selling some of my pieces.  My goal being to focus on inspirational art.  Hand painted wood and canvas signs that warm the heart.  Inspirational words, quotes, and Bible verses.  Because that's what I love.  And I'm excited to do so when that falls into place.  For now, I'm taking it step by step.  Keeping an open mind for what my future might hold.  Looking for any opportunity to create something.  And praying for God to guide me with every stroke of my paint brush.  With a creative mind for every piece I do.  And to trust Him as He unfolds His plan for me.

Here's a look at my creations over the past three weeks...

 I was given some really neat round cedar pieces and decided to lightly paint them ivory, paint my sister's upcoming wedding date on them, hot glue them together, and add one of her wedding flowers to it.  She can use it at the reception or just set it out in her home, but I just wanted a unique way to display such a special date.

 This is a wood sign that I painted for a dear friend of mine from work.  She actually gave me these wooden pieces so I thought to practice my first sign for her.  And since she loves Tinkerbell and fairies, I thought this quote suited perfectly.

 A hand painted canvas that I made for Corey and Jeanette's wedding gift.

 Another hand painted canvas made for my mom.

The girl's birthday gift to their Daddy this week.  Hand painted by me and hand printed my the girls of coarse.  {That part not being as easy as I thought it would be}

 Banner created for Corey and Jeanette's wedding / reception.

 And a cake I decorated for Jody's birthday!

I'm always looking forward to creating something new.  I have many ideas in mind that I want to try.  Finding the time is challenging, but that's okay.  I always make it work.  And please keep me in mind if you're looking for a custom hand painted quote or Bible verse.  I would be honored.

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    1. Thank you Tammy! And thank you for my wood rounds =) And yes I will definitely be getting some help from you whenever I can start an etsy shop. I can't wait. I just need to get working on some things to put in it. I always give everything away. Lol