Tuesday, September 4, 2012

County Fair 2012

Our family has always been into the county fair.  We go every single year, at least once.  We have pictures and videos of us as young children riding the kiddie rides, and lots of memories.  And it was like my Papa's favorite event of the year.  He could not wait until the fair came to town.  The food, the friends, seeing us {his angels} having fun, and showing off Grandma's ribbons for all her beautiful crochet work.  He usually went pretty much every night that it was in town and always had a smile on his face.  So this being the first year he wasn't there was a little emotional for me.  We missed his smile and laughter.  But we know he was watching down as we were enjoying our night at the fair.  And the rainbow that we saw reminded us of that...

We definitely had a fun night.  All the family, fair food, and watching Keira's excitement as she rode the rides.    {Her favorite rides being the race cars and the "Merry Go A-Round."} Here's a glimpse of our night...

The Petting Zoo


The Racecars

Alyssa taking it all in

My love.  My soul mate.  My very best friend.

Aunt Brandy and Wyssa

Uncle Corey

Uncle Scott won Keira a dog!

Snuggling with Uncle Kenneth

Somehow this storm missed us and it turned out to be a beautiful night!

Oh Grandma, Love her.

The "Merry Go A-round"

Uncle Corey and Jeanette

Riding with Grampy

And Poppie won her a monkey!

Brandy's view from the ferris wheel

She was such an angel the entire night!

Keira sleeping with her new toy

We always look forward to the fair each year, and are so thankful for all of the close family that we have to share it with.  And it will always remind us of Papa.  Cannot wait to see him again one day.  
\We are so blessed.

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  1. i love your family.....and how you write about them!!!!!<3