Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Centerpieces - DIY Project

I promise you this is the last DIY project from the Ice Cream Party.  I just had to share these centerpieces and a quick tutorial on making them.  I spotted these adorable ice cream centerpieces on Pinterest when I was looking for ideas to add to Alyssa's ice cream party.  I just had to make them.  They went so perfectly with her theme and only cost maybe $5 tops.  I borrowed the glass servers from my work so that helped.  I only had to buy tissue paper and pipe cleaners.  And I used red Play Doh for the cherries.  You know, something laying around my house.  I don't think mine turned out quite as cute as the pin I originally was going for, but they turned out just fine.

What you need:
1.  Tissue Paper - about 10 sheets per pom-pom for large pom-poms, but for these you only need about 5 sheets per pom-pom because you can cut them in half to make two smaller pom-poms.
2.  Pipe Cleaners or Floral Wire - one per pom-pom at the most.
3.  Ice Cream Cones - I used sugar cones, but waffle cones maybe would have been larger and shown up better.  I just liked the sugar cone look.
4.  Something resembling a cherry - I used red play doh, made a ball, and let it harden.  Until my husband squished them thinking they were old cherry tomatoes sitting in the window sill.  But I made more.  Maybe you could find a small red ball at the Dollar Store or even just ball up some red tissue paper.
5.  Glass Jars - Can be found at Wal-Mart.  We happened to have these beverage servers at my work that we aren't using so I borrowed them instead of buying something else.
6.  Hot Glue Gun
7.  Ribbon - Optional but adds a nice touch
8.  Label - Optional

For a tutorial, you mainly need to know how to make tissue paper pom-poms {which was one of my reasons for wanting to do these.  I've always wanted to learn how to make pom-poms but never had a reason}.  So I'll start with a tissue paper pom-pom tutorial...

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms:
1.  Get your 10 pieces of tissue paper, and measure them to cut.  I think for my larger pom-pom (the one of the bottom), I did 11 inches x 11 inches.  And for the middle one, 9in x 9in.  And the top one, 8in x 8in.  I think.  Play around with it, with the glass jars that you are using.
2.  Once you have your stack of tissue paper, fold it up accordion style.
3.  Take it long ways and fold it in half, so you have a fold at the center, and cut two little slits so that your pipe cleaner will fit nice and snug in those slits. Take your pipe cleaner, wrap it around the center (in the slits) and twist it around so it stays in place.
4.  Now you are going to round your edges.  So trim both ends of the tissue paper so you have rounded edges. {There are other styles to cut them as well, but I wanted rounded}
5.  Once you have done that, you are ready to spread your pom-pom.  It's best to alternate sides when your spreading apart your tissue paper.  Be very gentle, tissue paper tears very easily.
6.  Once you have separated every layer, hold it by the pipe cleaner and just fluff it out.  Making it full and even.  And you are done.

*If you are hanging your pom-poms, use jewelry string or fishing line*

Once you have made your pom-poms, putting the actual centerpiece together is pretty self-explanatory, but for those who like step-by-step, here you go...  
1.  Measure your ribbon to fit around your glass jar, allowing a small overlap to glue the beginning of the ribbon to the end.
2.  Fit it nice and tight around the jar and hot glue your ribbon.
3.  Center your label, and hot glue it to your ribbon.  (Click HERE to learn how to make a label)
4.  Hot glue your "cherry" to your top pom-pom.  Enough glue to stick, but little enough to not weight it down.  It is tricky.  I actually propped a white outlet cover under my cherry to prop it up, so you could see it.
5.  Now you need to manage to get your ice cream cone together and down into your jar.  It is harder than it looks.  Start by hot gluing the top of your cone to your largest pom-pom.  Then glue the middle pom-pom to your large one.  And your top one to your middle one.  You have to use just the right amount of glue.  Not too much that your tissue paper rips but enough so that your ice cream cone stays together.
6.  Now you need to fit your ice cream cone down into the jar, centered and still all together.  I actually placed a teensy weensy dot of hot glue in the bottom center of my jar, so when I lowered my cone into it I knew where to place it and the glue would keep my cone in place.  Make sure you have your cone facing the direction that you want it facing before you begin. {I know on mine I had better looking sides than others, so of course I wanted my pretty sides to show up front} Just be careful of keeping everything together when your getting it down in there, and once you have it in place you are done!

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