Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My New Ride

Finally ....I got a mommy car.  A crossover SUV much more suited for our family.  This momma is no longer driving a pick up truck!  We have been casually looking for a new car since Keira was born.  And I've had my eye on the Pacifica for a while now.  Mainly because they are practical, with a third row, and they are affordable {that being our main priority}.  We've just been looking out for the right deal.  Or I guess I should say Scott has been waiting {I would have probably bought the first one I came across because I'm just too impatient}.  But it worked out for us.  We found one with pretty much everything we wanted minus the DVD player.  Third row.  Leather.  Bucket seats in the middle row, with a console.  Heated seats in the front and back.  Navigation.  Rear camera for backing up {hoping to not hit my neighbors trash cans anymore}.  Low mileage. Clean and well taken care of.
And the right price.

I am absolutely thrilled to drive this everyday.  To have a button for locking and unlocking.  To easily get the girls in and out.  To have room for the diaper bag, toys, and whatever else we always find necessary to drag along with us.  To easily load and unload groceries.  To actually be able to go to the grocery store if its raining and not have to worry about them getting wet on the way home.  To have plush leather seats that will be warm and toasty this winter.  To have those extra seats in the third row for whenever we have an extra passenger or the dog.  To have a CD player that works properly.  To accelerate so smoothly.  To have AC vents in the back seats so I no longer have to have my vents pointed straight back and kept on high so that the girls can actually feel some air.  And I could go on and on about how appreciative I am of every single feature.  And not even that the truck was that horrible, but for every day use with two very young children, it was not the most practical vehicle to drive, obviously.  But I am so very thankful that we were able to get this car.  That we are so blessed to be able to afford something newer and more practical. {Especially being that I have not gotten a car since I was 17 yrs old...Seriously}.  I'm in love.

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  1. nice ride!!!!!!! congrats!!!!

  2. It seems that you got what you wanted in the end. Congratulations on your new “mommy” car! It looks great and well maintained. Now you don’t have to worry about the space, with the third row seat giving you extra room inside. Plus, the rear camera will help you to avoid crashing onto your neighbor’s trash can, and parking too. The specs sound great too! This is definitely a good choice!

  3. After what you said about how perfect the car is for you, it made me think that it is actually a match made in heaven! And it is actually a very good choice for a family car. It has a very roomy interior, which would be perfect for a growing family like yours. The car also has a good safety score, which is a primary consideration in a family car.

    1. I love love love my car! Great, affordable choice for a family!

  4. “I am absolutely thrilled to drive this everyday.” I guess that is one of the important things in owning a car – you should feel excited and satisfied whenever you see and drive it. ;) I may be a bit late, but kudos to this new momma car of yours! :)

    Delsie Maidens

  5. This is absolutely much better than a truck, Amber! SUV’s are the ideal vehicle for a family. They have a spacious compartment, wider leg room, and safety features. Just like our Hyundai Starex – cozy and very reliable.

    Ellsworth Mciltrot

  6. Mommy car is a nice name for an SUV, but I would prefer it to be called a family car because it is what most families prefer to buy. One winning characteristic of an SUV is that it has a bigger capacity. You can stay comfortable inside with all the bells and whistles because of the seating capacity.