Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites & Some Things in Between

{By the way, I'm sorry that my title extends to two lines with my new blog design.  Just in case that bothers anyone else like it does me.  I might just have to come up with a new title for these posts just for that reason...a bit obsessive I know.}

Moving on...this week has been an okay week.  It would have been fabulous had we not gotten news that Alyssa's white blood count went up again.  Her blood was originally taken at her one year check up three weeks ago.  They called, said it was a little high, and they needed to re-check but that they weren't that concerned.  So we go back three weeks later {this past Wednesday} and get a call yesterday that it went up again.  Certainly not the news we were looking for.  They want us to come back in one month, that's right a whole month to re-check it.  Honestly, I think I am going to call this morning and talk to her actual doctor.  My nerves simply cannot handle waiting a whole month.  Not to mention, a high white blood count often indicates infection in the body.  So if my baby girl has an infection, such as a Urinary Tract Infection, why would I not want that treated before an entire month passes??  {I was informed of this by a pediatric NP client at work, and I think she made a good point}. I just hate questioning doctors, but I plan to call this morning, when they open, to talk to her actual doctor.

Alyssa has had no symptoms of any sickness.  Only that she is not drinking.  Not her water or her milk.  For like three weeks.  The nurse didn't seem to think that could really affect the numbers of her white blood count, as she wasn't really dehydrated.  But it's our goal to get more liquids in her.  We've made Propel Popsicles, so it's mostly water but with a little flavor.  I know it's a "no no" from the doctor's standpoint, but we don't care.  And I made her a slushie last night by blending a flavored Propel with ice and dab of pink food make it legit. She is no fool, and would know it's not real if it's clear {Hubby's idea}.  And she loved it!

Keira's phrase this week has been, "It's just as accident!"  Anything she has gotten spoken to about has been an accident.  Yeah right.

Alyssa has had quite an obsession with Q-tips.  For some reason she loves playing with them.  Of coarse, I don't let her.  But very chance she gets, she crawls in my bathroom, goes straight for the Q-tip drawer, and pulls them all out.  Chewing on them, playing with them, and making a game out of putting them in the top drawer.  Here is proof on a couple of occasions...

 Holy Q-Tips!

We bought Alyssa her first pair of shoes, meaning her first pair that's not a hand-me-down...

Our usual weekly visit to the water...

 Sucking down Daddy's milkshake {a regular thing for Alyssa}

 Probably my favorite picture right now {featuring the loves of my life}

Swinging by the water {it was fun until Alyssa flipped out of the swing.  Thankfully I caught her.  But I think me and Scott both experienced mild heart attacks.  We left immediately}

I took the girls to the park on our day off...

Keira had her first Lunchable...
 ...and loved it.

Loves holding her baby sweet!

Happy Friday!

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