Thursday, August 30, 2012

A New Priority...

Eating healthy used to be a priority for us.  We used to cook every night.  Some form of chicken or turkey, and vegetables.  And we worked out a lot.  But then we had kids.  Naturally things change.  Life just gets busier.  Even after Keira, we maintained our lifestyle for the most part.  We still cooked fairly healthy meals most nights, and we went for walks at least once or twice a day.  But add another baby in there and our eating healthy habits have been dwindling away ever since.

So it's kind of been gradual.  But I'm feeling the difference.  I've been blessed that my weight has remained the same.  I only weigh about three more pounds than I did when I got married.  But I have had two kids.  Things have shifted, curves have been added, there's a couple of extra layers of loose skin around my mid-section, and I have quite a bit of stretch marks.  So I'm not at all happy with my shape.  But in clothes, none of that is visible.  For the most part, I'm still able to wear the same size clothes I always have.  And all of that makes me less motivated to worry about what I eat or how much I exercise.  Because I'm not gaining the weight.  Instead, I'm dragging.  I have no energy.  I'm exhausted all hours of the day, no matter how much sleep I get.  Now I know that's part of being a parent.  We both work all day, come home to fully energized kids, and that alone is exhausting.  But I feel like our diet still plays a huge part in that.   It's not that we are eating McDonald's or Burger King every night, we still mostly eat at home during the week, but sometimes fixing pasta or a frozen pizza or some other effortless meal is easier than cooking an actual healthy meal.  But we are lacking what our bodies need for energy.  And it needs to change.

Having kids should be our motivation for this.  Granted we still give them their fruits and vegetables {not that they always eat all of them}, but by us as the parents not always having those with every meal we are not setting the right example.  We should be guiding them and teaching them how to make the right choices for eating right.  They are still very young, but the habits that form now will affect them later.  So as parents, we should be making better decisions.

Just as I have been thinking this over the past few weeks, my friend posted an article onto her Facebook just yesterday.  Explaining that so many of the ingredients in foods these days are not even tested to be safe by the FDA.  I won't go into details on that article, but basically who knows what we are eating.  When there are long lists of ingredients, don't feel assured that any of it is safe to eat.  I am not normally one to worry about this kind of thing.  I've never been one to eat all natural or had any desire to.  And I still don't plan to. I understand reality.  I am not going to make a commitment to eating all natural or to cooking seven nights a week or to avoid dessert.  I love to eat and I will not deprive myself of certain things I enjoy.  But I can make better choices for me and my family.

It will take extra time and planning.  To plan out each meal for each night.  To write out a grocery list.  To spend a little extra time preparing our meals. But it will be worth it to eat just a little cleaner.  And getting back into the habit of going for more walks or doing a 20-30 minute workout in the house or doing some form of exercise will make us feel better and will be teaching our kids to be active.  So this is just a small step in the right direction.  To admit that we have been slacking in the eating healthy department.  And to make it known that we are going to start making more of an effort to be healthy.  In a realistic way.

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