Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Day with Daddy

This past Saturday, I had to work {like I do many Saturdays} so Scott had his day with the girls {like he does every Saturday that I work}.  But this time, he took a few pictures...which is normally my obsession.  So I thought I would do a little post about their day together.

He first took them to a place with a couple of ponds, to try and catch some fish.  A double stroller with a baby in the front and a tackle box in the back, a 3 year old with a short attention span who isn't usually willing to hold your hand very long, and his other hand filled with several fishing rods.  All in an attempt to get a fish so that he could see that priceless look of excitement on Keira's face.  Unfortunately, the poison ivy was pretty bad, making it difficult to walk close enough {with two young kids} to be able to really fish.  But they had fun anyway.  Keira enjoyed sitting up front in the truck with her Daddy on the dirt road by the ponds, running through mud holes and spinning tires, and she was excited to see lots of horses {informing him that she wanted a purple horse.  Of coarse she wants a purple horse} Afterwards they headed to the river and sat in the bed of the truck for a snack consisting of Cheese puffs and a honey bun.  Alyssa loves looking at the water so she was entertained simply by peeping her head over the side of the truck to see it.  It was simple fun. A day well spent with his girls.

I'm so thankful that Scott is so involved.  That this isn't out of the ordinary for him to do.  That he is a full-time daddy, always putting his role as a dad first.  And that spending quality time with his girls is so very important to him.  These girlies have one awesome Daddy!

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