Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Ice Cream Cone Birthday Party Hat

When I was in need of a birthday hat for Alyssa's Ice Cream party, I just couldn't help but envision an ice cream cone party hat.  How could I not?  How perfectly would that go with her theme?  I thought it would be so incredibly adorable.  So I went for it.  I did a Google search to try and match a picture with the idea in my head.  I always do that.  In hopes that someone else had the same idea as I did and already has an easy way of doing it, to take out all the hard work on my part.  Well there was one waffle cone hat that was sort of similar to what I had in mind.  But instead of trying to replicate that, I went to the Dollar Store and just tried to make due with what I could find.  I think it turned out quite adorable.  And it only cost me about $3 dollars.  I'm proud of that.

What I bought...

1.  Waffle Cone (had on hand for her upcoming party)
2.  Gift Card Holder from Dollar Store ($1)
3.  Balloon weight from Wal-Mart (.97 cents)
4.  Pink headband from Dollar Store ($1)

Tutorial... (Have your glue gun ready to go)

1.  Cut the tip off of your waffle cone.
2.  Take your balloon weight, unwrap it, and cut out the center.  
3.  Fold it up so that you have the streamers sticking straight up but so that you can roll up the bottom and make it skinny enough to fit through the top of the cone.
4.  Get your glue gun as far into your cone as you can so you can glue the balloon weight wrapper to the inside of the cone.  Do not use too much glue, the heat of the glue will melt the cone some.

5.  Take your gift card holder, cut the fuzzy border off.  You will use that to line the bottom of the cone.
6.  Instead of throwing away the rest of the gift card holder, I cut two circles out of it.  One, to use as a border for the front of the cone (Measure the width of your cone and cut out a circle that will fit nicely on that).  And the second to glue the headband to the waffle cone (Measure the size of the hole in the waffle cone, so that this fabric will cover it and allow a little extra border).
7.  Create a circular label to apply to it saying "Happy Birthday Alyssa" and the number "1" for example on Microsoft Word and print it.  I placed it on top of the pink circle that I cut out of the gift card holder, and laminated them together.  So the pink fabric served as a border.
8.  Hot glue that to the cone, remember to use a very thin layer of hot glue so it doesn't melt your cone.

9.  Next, figure out where you want your waffle cone to set on your headband.  I wanted mine on the side slightly.  Once you have your cone rested where you want it on the headband, hot glue your other circle to the cone...with the headband wedged between your cone and your circle.  It's okay if your fabric goes beyond the cone some because your fuzzy border will cover it.
10.  Lastly, have your fuzzy piece ready, make a thin layer of hot glue all along the bottom edge of your cone and quickly stick your fuzzy piece to it.

Wallah.  You're done.  A very simple yet adorable do-it-yourself project...if you happen to be throwing an ice cream birthday party anytime soon

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