Friday, July 13, 2012

Celebrating Our One Year Old

It seems we've started a tradition.  Taking our children's birthdays off.  I have always had the opportunity to, since Keira's first, and Scott has been able to this year.  We take birthdays seriously around here.  It's a celebration of that person's life.  And our kids, well we want to celebrate them the most that we can.  So taking their birthdays off, to spend an entire family day together, spoiling them with things they like to do, is a perfect way to celebrate them.

Alyssa turned one this week.  So on her birthday, we took off.  We had breakfast together, went to the zoo, Alyssa had a bit of ice cream with her lunch, we took naps, and we took her out to dinner where she had her first kid's meal, ravioli.  Here's a glimpse of our day...

 Probably the only ones at the zoo using the self-timer for a family photo...turned out decent though

 On the safari ride

 The ride put her straight to sleep...

 First Birthday present

 Help from sissy

I'd say she enjoyed her meal...

We had a great day celebrating our old year old.  Now we're looking forward to her party!

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