Friday, July 27, 2012

Bye Bye Bottle

Alyssa has been a year old for just over two weeks now.  So over the past week, we have been gradually decreasing her formula.  I wanted to use what we had left of it and didn't want to just completely cut it off for her all at once.  So that has been a gradual change for Alyssa.  But we have still been giving her whole milk in a bottle.  Even though doctors say only sippy cups at this point.  At the beginning of this week, I stopped giving her her morning bottle, which I hated doing because that is the one bottle each day that I am guaranteed to feed her.  And being that I have been home a lot this week due to sickness, I started giving her a sippy cup of milk with her lunch mid-week, making it pointless to give her that afternoon bottle which used to put her straight to sleep for nap time.  I thought giving her one bottle per day would be good.  The night-time bottle.  The one that used to automatically mean bedtime for her because she couldn't resist falling straight to sleep after drinking it and being snuggled in Daddy's arms.  It would be gradual for her and gradual for us.  But Wednesday night, she caught Keira's tummy bug {we all caught it} and our poor baby girl threw up.  So I automatically picked her up, snuggled her to comfort her, and she fell asleep...without her bottle.  We layed her down and she slept all night.  I assumed we would pick back up and still do her bottles at night.  But it seems she doesn't need them.  I am the one clinging on to that baby bottle.  Not wanting these changes.  But she has adjusted so well.  Just like Keira did.  It doesn't even phase her.  In fact, we aren't even rocking her to sleep these days.  She is doing just as well {actually better} by us kissing her goodnight, tucking her in with her blankie and bunny, and leaving the room with her wide awake.  She sometimes fusses for like .2 seconds but then goes straight to sleep on her own.  What a sweet, easy baby we have been blessed with.  I have a hard time with change.  She is my baby and I want to baby her forever.  But I am thankful that the changes are easy for her, making it a tad easier for me.
Bless her sweet heart.

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