Friday, June 29, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites & Some Things in Between

In catching up, here's a glimpse of our busy life from the past couple of weeks...

We're spending time at the pool on the weekends...

Daddy teaching Keira to swim...or to at least get her comfortable with the water

Had to show off in front of the family!

We went to Scott's cousin's softball tournament and visited with family that we don't get to see often enough...

Keira Lately...

-Her word this week has been "sure."  Anything I ask her to do, when she doesn't throw a major temper tantrum, her response has been "I sure can" or "I sure will."  Sounds so cute.  She has also been saying "Is that funny or what?!?"  or "Is that so cute or what?!?"  So dramatic. At first I didn't realize where she got it, I was thinking MiMi, but I have found myself saying similar things.


-As mentioned already, she has thrown so many many fits.  I felt like my whole day off this week was spent calming her down.  Her "terrible twos" started at one and are not getting better at three.  Sometimes I literally cannot control her.  Frustrating.

-In knowing the words to lots of songs, she has been inserting jibberish instead of the real words.  We always sing, "Girl you make my speakers go boom boom"  but instead of boom boom, we're getting "ci ci."
  And for some other songs its "a do a dee.  A dee. A ci ci."  Just random sounds that make no sense.  Not sure where that came from.

-As I was about to put Alyssa in the bathtub one night, I said "Alyssa has the cutest little butt I've ever seen" and Keira says "I have a pretty butt too.  We both have pretty butts."

-She has become a champ at riding her bike.  She gets started by herself.  Can steer it well.  And can continuously ride for a long time.  So proud.

-She still gets into our bed, pretty much every night.  So we wake up to this...

No wonder me and Scott are exhausted huh?  They take up the whole bed!

Lyssa Lately...

-In addition to "Dada" and "Momma" she is saying "ba ba" for her bottle and "Dah Dah" (or something like that) for Dog.  Love hearing her sweet voice.

-She has definitely been into self-feeding this week.  (Besides yogurt and ice cream...she could care less what you fed her those with)  She has barely eaten any baby food.  She only wants something that she can feed herself.  So she has had lots of bananas, green beans, pasta, broccoli, carrots, and puffs.  Resulting in very very messy mealtimes...

We have to clean out every crevice after dinner, especially those sweet neck rolls.

-She is turning "1" in TWO WEEKS!  How can that be??  We'll be celebrating with an ice cream party!!

...because she loves ice cream.  And screams for it the second she sees it...

 This is the look if her next bite doesn't come fast enough...

-And she has two top teeth coming in!

Me and my sweet girls!

Happy Friday everyone!

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