Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi Lites, Lo Lites, and Some Things in Between

I'm just not sure how these weeks go by so fast, yet another one has passed...

We had out first pool day of the summer at my Dad's pool last weekend.  We sure missed the pool last year. But with Papa being sick it only made sense to focus on him.  Now going back to the pool brings back so many memories.  We spent most of our summer days at that pool growing up.  Swimming, playing games, eating watermelon, just spending time with the family.  I still can't help but look for Papa to be cutting the grass, walking around shirtless, looking for something else to keep him busy outdoors.  Although he was never one to sit still long enough to hang at the pool, I sure miss him being there.  Stopping by on his lawnmower to offer us something from Grandma's, or to tell us a joke, or to tell us to be careful.  He has made such an impact on so many areas of our lives.  We are so blessed that we have so many memories with him.  I'm looking forward to making new pool memories with our family!

Mondays are spent at MiMi's house for the girls.  Well this past Monday was a bit emotional.  With Keira clinging to my leg and not wanting me to leave for work, combined with seeing a half dead squirrel trying to hop across the road on my way to work, made for a rough morning.  Monday mornings are already rough for me anyways because having weekends with the family are such a tease, and I want that everyday.  So when MiMi said she wanted to take the girls to Chuck E Cheese, I crashed their party.  Keira had never been, and I was craving her sweet smile to make my Monday better.  So we spent a short while playing games, and I headed back to work.

The driving games were her favorite and wanted nothing to do with any other game after discovering those.

Wednesday we had a visit from Bri and her sweet baby boy, Keaton.  Much of our visit was spent making Father's Day gifts, but it was fun.  I enjoyed spending some time together.

Keira has been on this "Like that?"  kick.  Every time she is told something to do, she will partially do it and ask "Like that?"  Just to annoy us.  We ask her to sit in her chair, and she will barely touch her butt to the seat.  Just enough to be touching but not nearly in a sitting position.  And she says "Like that?"  in this I'm pretending to be innocent tone of voice.  Or we'll ask her put her shoes on, and she halfway puts them on and goes through the whole spiel again.  Sometimes multiple times until she does what she's been asked to do completely.  She does not like to be told what to do and does this for pretty much anything that's demanded of her.  She is something else.

We've really enjoying looking for lightening bugs this week! Seeing Keira's excitement when one lights up is definitely the best part!

Pointing at all the lightning bugs.

We've ordered the basics for getting Alyssa's 1st Birthday party started!  Oh so excited.

We now have a turtle hanging around all the time.  We've named him Franklin.

After fishing with Brandy and her future kiddos, Keira's Dora fishing rod broke...but not naming names ;)  She was excited to get a new one anyhow.  She picked a Barbie one.  She said it was "cool" and that she loved her.

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend this year.  Post to come on that and our homemade gifts.

Happy Monday!!

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