Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Her First Ride

So Wal-Mart is where we frequently shop.  For everything.  And lately we've been passing the bike aisle (on the way to the fishing department of course), not realizing that Scott really wanted to get Keira a bike so badly.  She has a trike, the smart cycle, and a scooter, but he has wanted to get her her first actual real bike.  So as I'm picking out some of Alyssa's birthday party things the other night, Scott takes the girls to the bike aisle.  He comes back to tell me that she picked out a Barbie bike and that we had to get it for her.  I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what in the world we can buy Alyssa for her first birthday that we don't already have, and he's worried about getting her a bike.  That's a pretty big gift for a little girl when it's her little sister that's having a birthday in a couple of weeks.  But when we put her on this adorable little Barbie bike and let her try it out in the store, we just couldn't resist.  Scott definitely couldn't resist.  So we left with a pink Barbie bike in the back of our truck with the sparkly streamers flowing out of the handlebars.

We headed home for her helmet and went straight to a big piece of asphalt where we could avoid any collisions with trees or cars or people.  An elementary school basketball court worked perfectly.  It didn't take her long to figure out what to do.  She would accidentally go backwards on the pedals some, causing her to brake.  And she certainly hasn't mastered the steering part of riding yet.  She'll be going along good, getting comfortable with going faster, look up at us with her very proud cheese-eating grin, all while her handlebars are turning in the direction of her head.  So we need to work on that.  But just in these couple of days, she has dramatically gotten better and is surprisingly very good at pedaling.  And she now finds it funny to go fast and randomly go backwards so she can suddenly stop.  Of course Keira would find that humorous.  Regardless, we're proud of her for riding so well so quickly.  And she looks so darn cute on it too!

 Watching big sister

 There she goes..being proud, turning to look at us, and paying no attention to where she's going

 It even has a mini bike for Barbie to join her for a ride...but Barbie is naked at the moment and we can't find her clothes so we'll let her ride later

After riding for a bit, Brandy, Scott and the boys came up.  The kids played basketball and enjoyed the playgrounds...

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