Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

We had a busy Father's Day Weekend, as usual.  We have lots of family to celebrate holidays with and though it's often very stressful trying to fit everyone in along with having a little family time to ourselves, it always works out.  We have many great dads in our family, and I think it's so great to dedicate a day to them.  I am so very thankful that my girls have the daddy that they have.  I've never seen a dad be so in love with his family.  So dedicated and proud.  So understanding of the importance of life and family.  I am so blessed to have him in my life and to have my girls influenced by such a wonderful man.

I wasn't very good at capturing our families together this year.  Instead, we just have some candid shots of our weekend.  Here's a glimpse...

For Doug's celebration, we all went to dinner together and headed to the pond for some evening fishing.  (All of the guys favorite hobby right now).  Unfortunately, I mainly got pictures of the kids.  The guys were too busy walking the whole pond trying to scope out the perfect spot.  In fact, if you look at this picture below.  In the top right corner of the pond, there's Poppie!  I wish I had thought to get more pictures of all the family...

For my Dad's Father's Day, we had a cookout at the pool.  My dad, my Grandma, and my aunt/uncle all live on the same piece of property with a pool in the middle.  So we love the privacy of going there.  It was a great time with all the family...

Ever seen a dog eat corn on the cob?

One of the things Scott wanted for Fathers Day...a nap.  So we headed home after the pool, and we all took a nap.  Since we decided to celebrate with his dad over the week, we had no where to be.  So we napped until dinnertime.  Ordered a pizza.  Ate it by the water.  And Scott and his mini-me fished.  It was a relaxing evening...

And lastly, dinner Monday night was spent with Scott's dad, mom, brother and nephew...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!

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  1. You, your mom and Brandy are all so beautiful! You have some lucky men in your lives! ;)

  2. Thank you Sarah!! =) And Anthony is just as lucky ;)