Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alyssa Nickole at 11 Months

My sweet baby girl is 11 months today.  Just one more month before turning a year old.  Becoming more of a toddler every day and growing out of the baby phase...even though she will always be my baby.

The past couple of months have been such a huge change for Alyssa.  She went from this calm, laid back, lazy baby to this all over like rover toddling little girl.  She isn't walking yet, but she isn't far from it.  She can army crawl across that floor faster than it takes you to turn your head good.  Sometimes we all crawl with her and have her chase us.  She does pull herself up on all fours as though she is going to stand up to walk but has not yet mastered that.  Instead, she gets to the closest thing she can to pull up on.  She pulls up on everything and walks along the furniture.  She's getting better at walking behind the lion and her other walk behind toys but often falls forward if you're not helping her.

We're amazed at just how quickly she made that change from laying around playing with her toys in one area and being content to do so to disappearing right before your eyes and getting into everything.  You literally cannot take your eyes off of her.  She is interested in electrical sockets and plugs, buttons on the cable box, Keira's night light, vents, all cabinets and drawers,dog food, and pretty much anything she is not supposed to play with.  She also puts anything and everything in her mouth.

Because of this, we've started using "No" with her more often.  I guess it either depends on her mood or the tone that you're telling her in, but sometimes when you tell her "no" she looks at you and gives you this sneaky smile like yeah right and continues doing what she's doing, reminding me too much of her big sister.  Like she wants you to have to speak to her again, liking the attention of it.  I try to correct her, but sometimes I can't help but laugh because that look is just so darn cute.  But then there's the times that you say "no" to her, and she immediately bursts into tears.  I think if she isn't expecting it, it startles her and hurts her feelings.  We have noticed that she is very sensitive to some things (just like her Momma).  If she pulls your hair or bites you and you yell Ouch or No, she gets so offended, gives that pitiful pouty lip and cries.  It's so sad.

Alyssa is usually jibber jabbering away.  She is still saying "Momma" and "Dada" a bit, but also saying many other sounds.  She has said "bye bye" but it isn't a regular thing.  She waves and claps and points all the time.  She also does this grunting thing on purpose.  Kind of strange but if you grunt back, she will keep on.  It's like her own playful language.  Not only does she continually jibber jabber, but she kicks her little feet like she is getting somewhere.  In her car seat, she looks like the most hyper little child kicking away like she just doesn't know what else to do with all of her energy.  And all of that energy makes changing her diaper a bit of a challenge.  She doesn't usually have the patience to just lay there and get changed.  Instead, she would rather reach for anything she can behind her.  So letting go of her to reach a diaper or to throw one away isn't option because she'll flip right off.

She likes the moon...she learned where it was at the beach.  And is loving overhead lights and fans.  She has started trying to hook clasps together, like in the stroller and high chair, just like Keira has always loved to do.  She loves music.  And when we often blare Sunday school songs while we're doing dinner dishes, or anytime music is played, she bounces up and down and claps.  Keira's piano vanity toy is one of Alyssa's favorite things to play with.  She can stand up to it and play music on it and will play with it for a while...until it topples over on her.  She also loves Keira's leap frog toy that you draw with a magnetic pen.  Simple things also entertain her, like empty water bottles and Tupperware.  She loves water, both bath time and playing in the baby pool and loves kicking the water to make it splash everywhere.

Alyssa isn't a very picky eater anymore.  She generally will eat any type of food you give to her, but definitely prefers the snacky stuff like her puffs and mum mums.  Having just two bottom teeth limits us.  We haven't introduced her to nearly as much as we had with Keira at this point.  We need to work on that.  Her favorites are yogurt and ice cream.  She still has three bottles a day, with her night time one putting her straight to sleep.  We're dreading taking that night time one away next month.  At her age, you would think she would be holding her bottle herself.  But no, that's not the case.  She is absolutely capable, but she fully expects you to feed her like a baby.  Which we don't mind.

Although Alyssa has completely come out of her shell these past two months, she is still such a sweetheart.  She still gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.  Her first morning hug when I first get her out of bed is definitely one of my favorite parts of my day, everyday.  She will hug so tight and for several minutes.  It melts my heart every time.  She gives open mouth, very slobbery kisses, but we all adore them.  There are times she just wants her Momma or Dada which we can't help but love.  She will snuggle her head up in our shoulder and hold on so tight.  She is becoming more and more like Keira, having wild hyper tendencies, but is still very much her own sweet self.

Her smile will absolutely light up a room.  She smiles so easily and so sweetly.  She is generally a happy baby all the time.  Still being an easy baby to take out.  Keira often serves as her entertainment.  She adores her big sister and laughs over anything she does...unless it involves taking her ice cream.  She throws a fit over that.  But they play so well together and keep each other entertained.

Alyssa, we are so thankful to have been blessed with you.  You are such a sweet little girl.  And so much fun.  As much as I hate how fast time flies by and how quickly you are growing, I love watching you grow.  Watching the phases that you go through even though they go by too quickly.  Watching you grow into your own little person and having your own adorable personality.  We try soaking up every minute, enjoying every part of your childhood that we can.  Although I wish I could stay home with you and Keira every day and be a full-time stay at home mommy, I am thankful for the amount of time that I do share with you.  I treasure every moment and every memory.  You have brought so much joy to us.  You have completed our family.  We love you with all our hearts!!

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