Friday, June 15, 2012

A 3 Year Old Bride

So any of you who have logged onto Pinterest have probably seen the pin of the little girl dressed up in her Momma's wedding dress and thought just how adorable that idea was.  Well I thought the same thing, and I've been wanting to dress Keira up in mine ever since.  So on my day off this week, we decided to do a little photo shoot.  Or I decided to.  I thought Keira would be so excited to dress up as a princess, but instead she was scared.  So she asked for Alyssa to wear it first (really nice of her to volunteer her baby sister to try something that she is scared of huh?).  So we did.  And Alyssa was all smiles as you will see in her pictures.  Then she was still hesitant and asked for Cooper to wear it.  Well obviously that wasn't happening.  But I wore it when she asked me to.  (I'll go for any excuse to wear my wedding dress again.  I've been known to walk around the house in it before.  And surprisingly if I had had some adult help, I could have had the back zipped.  Proud moment after having a baby less than a year ago).  Anyways, after watching me and Alyssa wear it and being bribed with an ice cream sandwich that she could eat before dinner, Keira put on the dress.  And she had fun with it!  I really only intended to take a couple to get one really good one, to possibly display at her wedding one day with her actual portrait, but I got a little carried away, as usual.  I wish I was a better photographer, but here are some the shots we got...

This was so much fun.  If you have a little girl, I definitely recommend you do this with her.  
It will be great to look back on.  Oh I just love having girls!  

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  1. These are PrIcElEsS and you will love having these when they get married!