Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Anniversary...4 years and only getting better

Four years.  It's hard to believe how fast these years have gone by.  I can't help but think back to that day.  And how wonderful it was.  Our wedding day, also Mother's Day that year, was amazing.  I planned it to be a beautiful outdoor evening wedding in The Gardens at Sunday Park, but the radar that afternoon predicted otherwise.  Showing two storms coming together.  Leaving me with little hope that my wedding would turn out the way I had planned it.  The evening came and with down pours of rain, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings, we were forced to have our ceremony inside.  As upset as I was initially, it turned out very sweet.   And romantic.  With everyone gathered together inside, safe from the weather.  There were rumbles of thunder, down pours of rain, wind blowing like crazy, and even a few rain drops dripping on our guests from a leaky roof.  Yet it seemed still.  Like we were invincible.  None of that mattered.  I was marrying my soul mate and my best friend.  I am thankful that God had His owns plans for us that day.  It showed me that know matter how much of a planner I am, or how much I want things to be a certain way, God is in control.  And His way is always better.

After four years of marriage, and after 10.5 years of being together, I literally couldn't be happier.  It doesn't seem possible that you could meet your soul mate at the young age of 14.  That you could still be so in love after all these years.  That I still get sweet texts, dry erase board notes, and recorded love songs.  That he still tells me how beautiful he thinks I am and how "madly in love" with me he is.  That we only feel complete when we're together.  We are meant for each other.  Our family has grown so much in these four years.  We immediately got pregnant...Ooops, found our dog, kept him for some unknown reason, had Keira, and two years later had Alyssa.  We have had a busy 4 years.  But it only gets better.  Our lives revolve around each other.  We enjoy each other.  And we're still so in love.  Not only with each other but with the family we have created.

In celebrating our anniversary this year, Scott suggested we both take a day off of work and spend the entire day together.  Alone.  So we did.  We took the girls to my moms at 6:30am, and had the jon boat in the water by 7:30.  We spent the entire day on the water.  For nine hours we sat in this tiny jon boat that could flip if you moved wrong, fished, got some sun, listened to the radio, relaxed, dreamed of owning all the gorgeous houses on the water, talked, and laughed and just enjoyed each other.  It may seem boring, but it absolutely was not.  It was so incredibly peaceful and relaxing to lay on a lounge chair, in the middle of the reservoir, listening to country music, soaking up some sun, watching your handsome husband enjoy his time fishing, and have no where to be but there.  To have no worries about the time or what you were going to do next.  We did go to dinner after our long day on the water and headed home to finally see our baby girls that we couldn't help but miss.  It's been over three years since we've been alone for that long. But we enjoyed our alone time.  I'm thinking we should make it a tradition.

A glimpse of our redneck romance...

One of those dreamy houses... 

 Some goslings we spotted

I enjoyed my view all day ;)

Aren't they so cute!?!

Loving the water, any water, is something we have in common.  There's just something peaceful and relaxing about it.  Plus we met at the river.  I'm glad Scott suggested us having a day like this.  I'm not a girl that likes fancy schmancy dates.  I don't like going anywhere that I can't wear my jeans.  I like simple.  And that's exactly the kind of day we had.

Happy 4 Year Anniversary Hunni!  I love you with all of my heart!

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