Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites and Some Things in Between

Once again, I've skipped a week.  But that's okay.  I didn't have time to even think about putting a post together for it.  We've been busy as usual.  But in trying to catch up, here's our hi's, lo's, and some things in between...

Me and Keira went on a field the Zoo

The past couple of weeks, Alyssa has been doing this...

And has been pulling up more...along the sofa, in her crib, on her exersaucer...she might just be walking quicker than I had thought.

This week, Keira thought it was funny to unwrap all of my unused tampons, and wear them as bracelets.  So I walk into her wearing about 4 or 5 tampons around her wrists.  She has no clue what they are.  So I guess I could see where she would think that.  Oh my.

We had a wonderful 4 year anniversary!

And a great Mother's Day!

Only 1 week until the beach!  I can't wait to be sitting right there.  On that very deck.  
Beyond excited!

I got some blondies for Summer!  But I plan to be adding a bit more.  I want be blonder.
They actually barely show up in this picture.

Yesterday morning, the morning after we had such an ordeal getting Keira to bed...when she cried and cried until her eyes were swollen...I told her that she needs to start sleeping in her big girl bed.  That when she cries like that, it really hurts Momma's heart.  So she told me that I needed to go get a check-up at the doctor.
Bless her heart.  

This week, Lyssa has been saying "Momma" and "Dadda" alot.  Like non-stop.  And she has the sweetest voice.  I just love listening to her.

Alyssa did not sleep at all last night.  I think she is coming down with something.  Runny nose and cough.  My poor baby girl =(

Prayers for Fred...our most recent update: Unfortunately, Fred can no longer have surgery right now.  The tumor on his liver is too close to a major artery, plus it has a major vein running through it.  They will start a very strong chemo next week.  After 3 months of chemo, they will do an MRI/scan to determine if the tumor has decreased in size enough to do surgery at that point.  If so, they plan to remove 50% of the liver.  If not, they will continue with more chemo.  Please keep Fred and his family in your prayers.  They need strength.    We know that God will get them through this.  That with faith and prayer, God will give them strength as He unfolds His perfect plan.

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