Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites, and Some things in Between

I skipped this post last week, so I have some catching up to do.  We were so caught up in Keira's birthday, her party, and finalizing her room that posting about our week was not a priority to me.  But in combining our weeks, here are our Hi's, Lo's, and some things in between....

Alyssa is loving blocks.  To bang them together.  To chew on them.  To be surrounded by them.

 Arms up!

She is just so precious I have to make myself stop taking pictures.

Alyssa's new hiding spot...

Brianne had her baby!  Baby Keaton.  A sweet, healthy baby boy.  He is so precious.

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After a heart-breaking fall, we had to lower Alyssa's crib mattress.  Waking up to a thump and a scream because your 9 month old baby girl just pulled up and toppled out of her crib onto her little head was one the absolute worst feelings in the world.  I have never jumped out of bed and ran so fast.  We wanted to cry with her.  But she is fine, only having a little knot and a couple small bruises. And we now have the mattress all the way down so there are no chances of that happening again for a while.

Alyssa is clapping now!  She mostly will do it when we clap and say Yaaay!!! as if something really exciting is going on.  She smiles so big and starts clapping and gets so excited.  She usually keeps her one hand still and has the other hand clapping against that one, looking like a very proper clap.  It's adorable.  I have it on video.

The clap in motion.

Keira had a birthday party at school.  MiMi made cupcake sunday cones for the class.  And it rained that day so both me and Scott were able to go to celebrate this excitement with her!

Keira turned 3 years old!

And at her doctor's visit we found out that she is...
Weight:  30.2 lbs ( 46%)
Height:  36.75 inches ( 44%)

Keira's new big girl room is complete!  Room Reveal post coming up...

Alyssa has switched to size 3 diapers!  An actual physical realization that she is getting bigger =(

We have survived 3 nights and 2 naps without a passy!  And it's not that bad.  She asks for it a lot.  But we don't give in.  And she deals with it.  We're proud of her!

Prayers for Fred...I'm so sad to say that a dear friend of mine and co-worker has found out that her husband has cancer again. Stage four and metastasized on the liver. Their options for treatment are slim. But they have just found out they can operate.  This is great news at this point.  We know that we serve a mighty God and that through faith in Him and through prayer, anything is possible.  That miracles are possible.  So I am requesting prayers for Fred.  For his wife and son.  For strength and hope and faith.

Happy Weekend!!