Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Giving up the Passy

The passy.  It's comforting.  It's routine.  It's been a lifelong habit for Keira.  To have her passy.  To sleep with it at naptime and bedtime.  To expect it every time she gets sleepy.  To wake me up in the middle of the night if it gets lost in her bed.  To ask for it when she gets a boo boo.   To have had one every night since the night she was brought home.  The passy is special to Keira.  She enjoys having it.  And as her momma,  I enjoy giving it to her because she loves it. It comforts her and relaxes her.  And I love being able to soothe her in that way.  Knowing that once she has it, she will calm down, relax, and easily fall asleep.

But it's time.  Past time.  To take it away from her.  To endure who knows how many nights of crying.  To have to watch her be so upset over not having it.  To try and make her understand that passy's are for babies.  That she is three years old and no longer needs one.  It will truly be heartbreaking for her.  And a little heartbreaking for me as well.  To never be able to give her one again.  I've dreaded it.  I know that sounds so silly, but it's true.  She has grown so fast.  It's hard to believe that she isn't a baby anymore.  And this is one of those things that is part of that transition.  From being a baby and toddler to being a little girl.

So tonight's the night.  Our first attempt for tucking her into bed without her passy.  I hate that she'll be sad.  That she'll wonder why she can't sleep with it anymore.  But I know she will adjust.  That after a couple of nights, she will realize that we aren't giving in.  That she is a big girl and doesn't need one anymore.  And hopefully after just a couple of nights she will go to sleep peacefully without it.

Praying it goes smoothly...

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