Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Final Room Projects

There are just two more projects that I did for Keira's room that I have not shared.  Her room is now complete.  Thankfully because we are out of money. So here are the last of the projects before sharing her room....

I wanted something to hang that said "Keira's Room."  So I picked up this wooden plaque at Hobby Lobby for just $2.99.  Threw on some lavender paint, painted some cute flowers, painted "Keira's Room," and attached some green ribbon for it to hang.  It's not exactly what I had in mind, but I like it and IT goes well with her room.  And it cost $2.99 so no complaints there.

My other project was the wooden "K" as part of Keira's name going on her wall, the rest of it ("eira") being in vinyl.  I wasn't thrilled with the purple vinyl lettering that I ordered, which is why I hate ordering online, but I've made it work.  I had to paint the "K" a darker shade than I had wanted in order to coordinate with it, and it's a little plainer than what I had wanted.  I had intended to apply scrapbook paper to it for a fun print, but I couldn't find anything that went well enough.  So I pulled out my paintbrush once again, added a green daisy, and a line of ribbon to add some color...

Oh and I ended up lining the edge of this frame I painted with the same green ribbon.  I thought it added a nice touch.

So there you go.  Details to every project I did in her room.  Basically everything in her room, decor wise, is hand painted, by me.  Even though it's all been very time consuming, it's all things I've worked on at home with the kids.  I've had a lot of fun working on her room and saved a lot of money doing so much myself.  Pictures of her room complete are to come...


  1. these are very nice projects and great color choices, amber! i especially love the detail of the ribbon around the frame.