Monday, April 30, 2012

A Whole BirthDay of Fun

Friday was a very special day, Keira's 3rd birthday!  Birthdays are special to us.  They are days to celebrate the ones we love.  And our daughter's is a little extra special to us, of course.  So we both took the day off.  To celebrate Keira, to enjoy the day as a family, to do whatever we wanted, to do what Keira wanted, to spoil Keira just a tad.  And to enjoy every minute.  I have to say it was one of the very best days of my life.  We didn't have definite plans.  We just wanted to be sure we catered to Keira and what she would enjoy.  And the day turned out amazing.

We got off to an early start and headed to the Children's museum.  It was a first time for us, and it was a lot of fun.  Obviously, it's completely catered to little ones and provided much entertainment for Keira.

A look at the first museum...

Since buying admission into one Children's Museum allows you into the other location as well, we decided to head there.  Of course Keira requested NicDonald's on the way, so we stopped at the first one we saw (we only past about five from one museum to the next), sat outside to eat, and then headed to the other museum.

A look at the second museum...

 The first museum was smaller and did cater to smaller kids a little more.  The second one, the older one, was bigger and was more interactive play.  Keira's favorite section was the grocery store, no doubt.  Every time we tried moving on to show her something new, she would run back to the grocery store, grab a cart, and start shopping again.  She looked adorable.

It's so exciting watching your little girl have so much fun.  And sweet Lyssa could not have been more of an angel.  Sh was her sweet, happy self.  Never fussed or cried but just watched her big sister play and all that went on.

After going home and getting naps, we headed back out for some fishing, one the things Keira made clear that she wanted to do on her birthday.  So Scott found a perfect little spot where Keira caught 7 bream.  Her look of excitement when she is reeling in a fish is priceless.  It is one of best things on the world.  Watching something so simple bring so much joy and excitement to your little girl.  Me and Alyssa just sat and watched Keira and her daddy fish, watched the ducks, and just enjoyed the peacefulness of  the water. It eventually put Lyssa to sleep in my lap.  A look at our evening...

 It was a very very busy day for us yet very relaxing in the same sense.  As hectic as it was going from one thing to the next we were with each other and enjoyed every minute.  It was a perfect day.  We are so very blessed.

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