Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shameless Sunday Snapshots

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Sweet Lyssa fell asleep while eating lunch the other day..and I mean her eyes were shut and her head turned just like this but was still opening her mouth for food.  I stopped feeding her at that point and she was out!  Changed her diaper, layed her down, and she never woke up til nap time was over!

Keira thought Barbie should help clean up her oranges that she spilled all over the floor.  So Barbie helped pick up every single piece!

Playing with Keira's old basketball hoop...she almost had it in the hole on this one!  Scott trains them early.  Her favorite part is pulling down on the hoop so that those little people pop up and the crowd cheers!  =)

The purple bunny from Dollar Tree that when we asked her who was going to buy it for her (because we weren't), she took it to the checkout line that MiMi was standing in, put it on the belt with MiMi's things, and said "MiMi"  without any see she brought it home too.  S.P.O.I.L.E.D.  But that's okay!

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