Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please Excuse the Mess....Our Children are Making Memories

Some things just tend to weigh heavier on my mind than others.  Things that I feel I want to talk about.  Or blog about.  To get off my chest.  To explain my point of view and to make others understand.  It doesn't help the problem.  It still exists.  But I feel better about it, knowing that others know how I feel.  And because I know others have the same issues going on, I hope to maybe help others know that they're not alone.

Today, it's about cleanliness.  Sorry if you were looking for something a little more exciting than that.  My intro to this subject probably made you think this would be a more serious matter.  But I just get overwhelmed by this (the reason for my very long texts to my friend in search for some emotional relief).  Having two young children is the most wonderful feeling in the world, giving me a sense of purpose and giving me a heart full of love.  A capability of loving more than I ever thought possible.  But in having two young children, other things get put on the back burner.  Things like dusting and cleaning floors.  Thankfully Scott is a fanatic about keeping the house vacuumed so that is done very often.  And I try my hardest to keep the house straight.  To pick up the 50 socks that manage to end up on the floor everyday or the ponytails strewn all over the house.  To find the sippy cups Keira has stored somewhere out of sight that you debate just throwing away because you really don't want to open that cup full of old milk that has been sitting out for who knows how many days.  Or weeks.  To gather all of the mismatched shoes that Keira likes to model all over the house.  To wash all of the bibs crusted with baby food and half dissolved puffs.  To pick up all of the articles of clothing that belong to Keira because 99% of the time she would rather be naked.  Completely naked.  Except for shoes, she is known to be naked with rain boots or Momma's heels.  To walk through the entire house to find all the dirty bottles and coffee cups that manage to end up in every room so they can actually be washed.  To pick up all of the crayons and markers and colored pencils and construction paper and stickers and tiny pieces of Play-Doh smushed onto the floor.  To try to find a home for all of this "stuff" that is somewhat organized and not just a clutter pile.  To get all of this done and so much more so that I can just walk across a room without stepping on something.

And if it takes this much just to straighten up.  How in the world will I have time to deep clean?  My point exactly.  Even when my house is straightened up, it still seems cluttered.  Like you just walked into Toys R Us.  With a pack and play, an exersaucer, multiple bins of toys, lots of books, games, and puzzles, coloring books, stuffed animals, and the list could go on forever.

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I know it's normal.  I know every mom suffers to keep up with their house or did at some point when raising their young children.  I know we all feel like there's just not enough time in the day to go to work all day, spend time with our children, cook dinner, clean up dishes, give baths, do laundry and do any house cleaning.  I don't feel like it's physically possible to get everything done.  And I admit it...there are times that I could very well be cleaning but instead I get online, or I paint, or I watch a TV show at night.  We are entitled to that, right?  We are entitled to have peaceful moments in our day.  I shouldn't feel guilty every day of my life because I don't keep a perfect home.  These things I know.  Especially when my husband constantly reminds me that we're doing the best we can.  But it's still difficult to deal with.  It's easy to feel like we're not doing enough.  Like we're a bad wife and a bad mom.  We feel like we have to live up to high standards.  We feel like we'll be judged by the cleanliness and neatness of our homes.  I especially feel that way because I constantly have someone over my house to watch the girls.  Yes, it's usually just mine or Scott's parents.  And I know they don't judge me by this.  But I still want them to think I can handle it all, that I can manage my own home.  I don't want to feel lazy or worthless.

But in reality, I understand that it's just not that important. That when my kids look back on their childhood, they won't remember how imperfect our house was.  They'll remember the moments we spent together.  The good memories that we made just being together.  I can't remember the words she said exactly but what I got out of it when my friend explained this to me was that we have the rest of our lives to have a neat, clean house, and that this is just a short phase of our life.  One that goes by too quickly.  So we need to enjoy this time and not dwell on the fact that we have messy, sometimes dirty houses.  That it's okay.

This is something that constantly overloads my mind.  The quote "Please Excuse the MESS...Our Children are Making Memories" is simply put and puts it into great perspective.  And as simple as it is, it's inspirational for those of us who worry so easily.  I'm considering incorporating this quote into my home somewhere, as a constant reminder.  As a way to look at my house positively when I'm feeling overwhelmed.  Why worry about something so insignificant?  Life is short.  Enjoy it.


  1. Oh my...thank you so much for this...I've actually just been criticized for the state of my home and I really try to keep things straight-but the kids and time with them and YES a few peaceful moments when I can find them...anyway thank you.

    1. Awww...you are very welcome! Shame on anyone criticizing your home when spending time with your kids is absolutely more important. You know that though and that's what matters!