Thursday, April 5, 2012

Painted Daisy Canvas

As part of Keira's new room, I've decided to paint a few canvases.  Instead of spending $30-$40 a piece on store bought ones, I can spend $5-$6 a piece and have them match perfectly...because I'm OCD like that and if it doesn't match perfectly then I will not be purchasing it.

So I've tried coming up with designs that will coordinate well with her quilt and shams.  I've planned to do a larger canvas (11x14) in the middle and two smaller ones (8x10's) on either side.  I've completed one of the smaller ones.  I was just dying to do a daisy one, just a glimpse of a daisy.  I don't know why the idea popped in my head but it did it.  Here is my completed daisy canvas...

I just bought a 2 pack of stretched canvases from Hobby Lobby for like $5, some acrylic craft paint that matched, painted the entire canvas spring green, sketched my daisy onto the green, and painted my daisy.

Now I just hope it coordinates with the other two.  And I hope I can find the time to actually paint them...

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