Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Look at Keira's Room BEFORE

Since we are close to getting Keira's new purple room all put together, I thought I would go ahead and share what her room looked like before we started redecorating, and some of my plans in doing so.  So you can see how much it lacked a theme.  How boring it had become.  Especially with the personality this girl has, she can't have this boring of a room.  It gradually happened.  She had the coordinating bumper, mobile, blanket, a cute glider, etc when she was an infant, but as she outgrew these things, we had to take them down, thus leaving her a room without any character.  So here is the starting point...

I'll be painting the second coat of her lavender walls today (with the help of my Dad), hopefully finishing her canvases, and maybe starting on her wooden "K".  Oh this is so much fun for me!

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