Friday, April 20, 2012

The Last of the Painted Canvases

So I finished my last two canvases on Wednesday.  I had decided to not use my very first one I painted in her room.  I just don't think it coordinates well enough.  So I painted two more.  Each an 8x10 to go on either side of the 11x14 that I painted already.  I used her bedding in painting all of these so each flower looks like something off of her quilt.  Now that I have her entire room painted, I realize that the colors don't go perfectly with the wall color but they go well enough, and I'm excited to hang them...

This is the order I intend to hang them.  (And there's a glimpse of her wall color).  We don't have much else to do.  Excited to throw it all together!  Happy Friday everyone!

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