Friday, April 27, 2012

Keira Faith turns 3

Three years old.  The age of a little girl.  Not a baby girl.  The age of our first born little girl as of today.  Three whole years that have gone by in the blink of an eye.  Three years that went by faster than I can comprehend.

Keira turns three today.  So today is all about her.  There is oh so much to explain about her that it's just not even possible to put a dent in really telling all.  But I will do my best.  To show you a glimpse of Keira.  To try and make you understand why she is our world, our world shared with her baby sister of course.  To have a lifelong keepsake of Keira at this point in her life.  To always be able to look back on this stage of her life.  Of our life with her.

In first meeting Keira, you wouldn't quite see her true personality.  She tends to be very serious and reserved until she gets to know you.  It's like she has to take in all that's around her before opening up.  But once she does, you will see that she is full of personality.  She loves making us laugh.  She can be so silly and goofy and funny.  Or wild and hyper.  But also very sweet and cuddly, when she wants to be.  She is extremely strong-willed and independent and defiant.  Making life miserable when she doesn't get her way.  We are working on that.

She is always negotiating.  "Just one time"  "Just one minute"   "Me swing just one time" "Me play on the playground just one minute"  "Me have just one piece of candy"...And if we tell her "No" to something, we get "Grampy told me to" or "MiMi told me to" or "Nonna told me to"...she is a persistent little thing, always trying to get her way somehow, someway.

You would never know that she once had a speech delay.  That we worried and worried over when she would talk.  That we had a speech therapist over once a week that never got a word out of her.  It was all her stubbornness.  Her determination to start talking when she wanted to.  She now talks more than the rest of the family combined.  There is never a quiet moment when Keira is around, as long as she is with people she knows.  And we love listening to the things she comes up with.  She is very humorous and entertaining.  It's tiring at times for sure, but we truly appreciate her progress.

And she sings, oh how she loves to sing.  In the car, in the grocery store, on our walks, in the bathtub, just anytime she can, she is singing away.  Her absolute favorite song being "Jesus Loves Me," but also loving many others including the ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Or "Finkle, Finkle Little Star"), I Love You (Barney), Skinna Marinky Dinky Dink, Joy Down in My Heart, This Little Light of Mine, You are My Sunshine, anything Fresh Beat Band, and many more.  She sings so often that sometimes I don't think she even realizes she's singing.

Alyssa.  Keira's pride and joy.  Her baby sister that she loves more than anything.  When we first brought Alyssa home from the hospital, we let Keira hold Alyssa.  Keira's face lit up like we had never seen before. A look like it was the greatest moment of her life.  And to this day, her face still lights up like that.  If I tell her that Lyssa just woke up, to go see her in her bed, I get that look.  A truly happy smile and a look of excitement.  She has never been jealous of her sister but always loved her and helped with her and wanted to be with her.  I am so appreciative of that.  It's very special.

She tells everyone that Alyssa is her baby sister and says "I wuv my baby sister."  Sweetest thing ever.

School.  Keira loves school.  When she first started this past Fall, it was a struggle.  There were a couple weeks that just broke my heart.  Leaving her in a classroom of strangers with her screaming and crying.  Waiting in the hallway that first day, listening to her call our names.  Me not being able to control the tears that flowed down my face.  It was truly heart-breaking.  But she survived.  We survived.  And now she loves it.  She had her first boyfriend within the first couple weeks, Anthony, who has now moved out of state.  But they were inseparable.  The teachers literally had to separate them at times.  It was adorable.  Now her best friend at school is Hannah.  She says "I wuv Hannah"  I'm thankful she has the opportunity to go.  To make friends and learn.  It's a good experience for her.

Keira is not always a fan of clothes.  At home, you will often find her naked.  We try to not let her.  She's getting to be a big girl and needs to have clothes on.  But she would rather be naked.  She is usually missing as least one part of her outfit, her shirt or pants, and refuses to keep her shoes on.  Instead, she goes through my closet and pulls out all my flip flops and heels and prances around in those or will put on her snow boots or rain boots.  It has to be something off the wall and funny.  She tries to make us laugh.  And she does a good job.

Some of Keira's favorites are...
  • The color purple...and pink is her second favorite
  • Anything with sugar...candy, ice cream, cupcakes, and pie
  • Outside...she loves going for walks, the park/playground, and playing on the deck
  • Grandparents.  She adores every single one of her grandparents and is very close with them.
  • Fishing with Daddy
  • "NicDonalds"...she likes McDonalds a little too much
  • Singing and dance time is in the bathtub
  • Animals...but absolutely petrified of any form of bug
  • Snacks...she loves eating snacks.  Yogurt, "Muttins" (blueberry muffins), and Cheez Its are usuals 
  • Reading books...or to be read to
  • Her passy...that she only gets at nap time and bedtime, we're working on taking on that.  Or thinking about it.  But dreading it.
  • "Cartoons"...Dora, Barney, Diego, Blue's Clues, Fresh Beat Band, Wonder Pets, and this list could go on and on and on
  • Water...she loves going to see the water (reservoir), doing dishes, bath time, washing her hands, anything she can do to play in water or just be near it
  • Going to Momma's work...she loves sweeping and getting her hair shampoo'd and seeing MiMi

A look at how she has changed these past 3 years...

Just born

3 Months

6 Months

8 Months

1 Year

18 Months

2 Years

2.5 Years

3 Years

Keira has quite the character.  She can be silly, goofy, wild and crazy, rambunctious, energetic, independent, rebellious, strong-willed, sweet, cuddly, and oh so lovable.  There are times that we just want to last forever.  Times that she is so sweet and loving.  There are times with her that we want to pull our hair out.  Times that are embarrassing.  Times like when you're at Michael's (who does not have a cart large enough to fit 2 kids) and Keira is constantly walking away from you, ignoring everything you tell her, forgetting to tell you she has to pee in time, therefore peeing in the middle of an aisle with people staring at you, then running from you with a pack of M&M's from the checkout line with pee all over her clothes while you're holding a 9 month old and trying to push a stroller, and you're just trying to get out of there because you are so overwhelmed and embarrassed.  Times like that when you feel like you're just going to have a panic attack right then and there.  But you just breathe.  And you survive it.  And can laugh about it later.  She can have quite the impact on your anxiety level.  But she makes life interesting.  And I wouldn't change it.  

These three years have been the best years of our lives.  From the moment she was born, everything changed.  Our whole world changed.  She became the center of it.  Filling our hearts with so much love.  Showing us a new kind of love.  A kind of love we didn't realize existed.  We are so thankful for her.  Thankful that God blessed us with her even though we in no way planned a pregnancy so soon after getting married.  Thankful that she is who she is, full of personality and such a joy to be around.  

We love you Keira Faith and look forward to all the years to come.  Happy 3rd Birthday!

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